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Jay Gatsby Character Analysis

April 23, 2018
By Trasen BRONZE, Holton, Kansas
Trasen BRONZE, Holton, Kansas
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Throughout the story Gatsby is an adventure with many stories and examples of the crazy life he has lived up to before the time of his death. Gatsby is a very caring, loving, adventurous, and a short-lived character that had been through hell and back to get his significant other back in his life. Although dying in the end of the novel he restores his love for Daisy.
His acts of kindness inside the story shine through and through. While always loving Daisy through the time he wasn’t with her till the time they got back together before the time of Gatsby’s death. While never being close to Nick, Gatsby was always there to help. “Good morning, old sport. You are having lunch with me today and I thought we would ride together”. Even though He’s very financially stable he cares for his friends and makes sure they are healthy and well fed. Even though this was for Daisy he still cares dearly for Nick.
Throughout the whole story and movie Gatsby was very adventurous from his devilish past to him partaking in Wolfshimes sneaky ways. Also when he throws all these parties even though it was for Daisy it was very adventurous for him to let all of this happen without the police’s eye.
Although Gatsby had an amazing life with highs and lows he was very short-lived. When he was younger to the point of his death he was just starting his love life with Daisy. In the book when he died “What’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon” After Gatsby’s death Daisy his lover is sad about his death saying that how with she get through the days without him there for her.
In conclusion Jay Gatsby is literally the defining person for this novel. He is a very caring, loving, adventurous, and a short-lived character that had been through hell and back. Even though he dies in the end of the book and movie just like I did when Tom got away with everything including Daisy Gatsby will always be the most loved character in this novel.

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I hope people will get to know why Jay Gatsby is the most romantic character in this novel

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