red eyes

February 2, 2018
By Bellakeneborus BRONZE, Turner, Maine
Bellakeneborus BRONZE, Turner, Maine
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Tick, tick, tick went the rusty old clock hanging from a bland old school wall, “Ok class does anyone want to come up and explain to us how to do the formula for pi? asked Mrs. Snow, the kids all sitting in rows of four sat there picking their nails and playing with there pencils, one dainty hand shot up, “I will Ms. Snow” Paislee said shyly.

Paislee was smart for how young she was in the class, with a dainty, pain complexion. She was simple and quite, with pin straight blond hair that normally  hid her pale blue eyes, but those pale blue eyes hid a deep sadness. When her baby sister was born, the doctors told her and her family that Paisley's sister had a terrible sickness and that she wouldn't make it through the night, and just like they suspected… she didn't. And now Paislee is left with a part of her missing.

Paislee walked slowly up to the board weaving her way through desks until she reached Ms. Snow who handed her a marker. The screeching of the marker on the board echoed through the still classroom as Paislee correctly wrote the formula for pi. “very good Paislee” praised Ms. Snow “you can go sit down.” As Paislee walked back to her set a boy with straight fiery red hair stuck out his foot that sent Paislee falling to her face “ What the heck Blaze” yelled out a voice from the back row “ Cut the crap unless you want a knuckle sandwich for lunch” threatened Quinn “aw it was just a joke Quinn, no harm was done” Quinn held out a hand to aid Paislee up off the floor “ are you ok” asked Quinn “ yeah I’m fine, thank you” whispered paislee as she brushed dust bunnies off of her soft pink sweater, Quinns gaze went back to blaze who was scrunch into his seat. Quinn was a spunky girl with soft chocolatey skin and dark eyes that matcher her fuzzy black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, her dark jeans and skull scarf where intimidating even to Balze. But don't get her wrong by her headstrong attitude, she has a very kind heart. Blaze, on the other hand, is a typical high school bad boy with his air jordan sweatshirt and his dark jeans with a chain hanging out of the pocket, and a smirk that never seemed to leave.

“Please sit down both of you” said  Mrs.Snow her voice raising. Now let's continue, who has… She stopped abruptly. “Mrs Snow” wimperd Paislee “is everything al..” “shhh, you must be quiet” Mrs.snow circled the room be cautious of the steps she took. Finally she stopped at the wall that was adjacent to Mr. Turcot’s room, the science teacher, and stood there listening  for a long time. Suddenly Mrs.Snow’s head snapped up and she ran to the front of the room trying her best to stay calm “ok class I need you to go into the closet where I keep all the extra math books, Quinn you know where they are please direct all the students into there and don't let them out until I say”  “Ok?” said quinn a little shaken up by what she just witnessed.

“Ok guys you hear the  crazy woman get into the closet” Yelled Blaze. All fifteen students piled into the closet that could barely fit five “ ok keep going all the way to the back, yep keeps going, Good” directed Quinn “Ok now we just have to stay quiet until Mrs.Snow says.” the door creaked a little and and Mrs. Snow's  eye popped through the crack “everything's going to be alright please stay in there, you where all such an amazing class” wishperd Mrs. Snow. with that they heard the door click and then lock. “Did anyone else think her eyes looked a little creepy ” jokes Blaze the silence that followed indicated that no one found it funny.

Crash! Bang! Some eerie sounds were getting closer and closer to there room, until... a whooshing noise came from Mr.Turcot’s room into ours.

“Don't come any closer” yelled out Mrs.Snows voice  “I’m armed” there was a huge thump that shook the room and left an echo. All the kids sat there trembling with fear “ We should go see if Mrs.Snows okay” wishperd Quinn  after a few minutes of silence

“don't be so stupid, I’m sure she's fine” hissed blaze

“Well I’m going, you can stay here if you want to be a big baby” teased Quinn as she turned the door knob ever so slowly and peeped through the crack “huh there's nothing there” said Quinn as she flung the door open.

With the signal  that it was safe to come out, all the kids poured out of the closet and started talking to each other in hushed voices when there were silenced by little Paislee who said “ guys do you hear that breathing?” everyone turned in circles trying to find out where the breathing was coming from when a demonic, spin-chilling voice shot out “I’m up here children!” all 15 heads shot up to a horrifying scene. A man in a black robe and black hood  sat there holding a limp, kinda odd looking, Mrs. Snow. You couldn't see any other part of that hooded man’s body except for his eyes and his eyes weren't regular eyes there were fiery red and could burn into your soul with a single glance. A limp Mrs. Snow hung in one of his huge, gloved hands “Oh your poor poor teacher, she had to go she was in my way. I’m so glad that you could come and watch!” Quinn pushed forcefully through the crowd “ you put our teacher down, Or else!”  “Haha Or else what?” snapped the demonic presence.

Quinn flipped a pocket knife out of her pocket and through it at the blacked hooded creature. It flung straight at the hooded man ready to impale him in the chest, when the creature raised his hand and stopped the knife in mid air, then spun it back around and sent it flying back towed Quinn and impaling her in the thigh, she fell with agony on the floor “Quinn!” yelled Paislee as she ran to her side “Now time for the main event!” the demonic creature raised Mrs. Snow up into the air and then from his eyes he shot out two lazer like balls into Mrs Snow's eyes. Her eyes then became ash and then fell out into the black hooded man's outstretched hand then he tossed Mrs. Snow, a beloved math teacher to  a lot of kids, out the 4th story window. “Now who to pick for my army!”

Later into the night Quinn, Blaze, Paislee and a few other kids from the math class woke up in the middle a corn field and what happens next will have you anyone scared out of there mind. Circled around the group where over 100 kids from age 15 to age 4 all in black cloaks and they seemed to be floating off the ground.
One by one the hooded kids started to slowly raise their heads revealing there red glowing eyes that perserd your soul and made you want to curl up and cry.

“HELP, HELP!” yelled Jacob a kid that was also taken from the math class “SHHH” hised Quinn “you're going to get us killed!” but Jacob kept going ignoring Quinns warning, when soon one of the oldest looking  of the  hooded children stepped forward and grabbed jabod by the neck and started using those horrible red eyes to burn through jacobs, just as the leader had done to Mrs. Snows. Quinn tried to grab him out of the creepy kids hand but it was too late. Jacobs screams as his eyes were turned to dust echoes through the whole corn field, that ear piercing scream of agony rang in all of their ears.

The hooded child then held out his hand and collected the burned eyes and put them into a pouch went still again.

Everyone was staring at, what was now, there limp classmate on the ground with no eyes. Soon a smaller more timid child came to collect Jacobs body with a wheelbarrow. As she was picking up the body Paislee notest something “Quinn that little girl doesn't have red eyes like the rest of them” said Paislee in a quiet voice “your right she doesn't!”

“I wonder why” said Paislee still in a quiet voice “hey Quinn do you….”

‘SHH” hissed Quinn, he's coming. The crowd parted to let what seemed to be there leader through, The man who killed Mrs.snow. “Well well what do we have here” he said in his demonic voice, Paislee whimpered at the sight of him. Struggling to get up because of her wound Quinn shouted “ WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?!”
“oh she’ll do very nicely in our army” chuckled the hood man “ALFRED, get the ropes off them and put them into the box for transportation”

“Yes master”  said Alfred stepping forward

“I'm not going with you!” yelled Blaze to Alfred “you killed Jacob!”

“Oh I think you will” said Alfred with a chuckle as he took out a pole that had a red light coming out of one end and then continued to zap blaze with it until he was unconscious.

Bump, Screachhh, bump, screacchhh. “Where are we?” asked blaze just now waking up from be knocked out  “ where in The box as creepy man put it” replied Quinn, on our way to gosh knows where! The box was a huge container that floated next to Alfred and made it easier to escort Salem's prisoners  THUD

“What was that?” asked Paislee clearly scared out of her mind

“ I think we stopped” said quinn

“Get out of the box!!” yelled Alfred opening up the lid to reveal a horrifying scene. A  huge bonfire with thousand of the hooded children around it and then three chairs the where no more than five feet away from the fire invited them,

“Get into the chairs!’’ Alfred ordered.

All three of them scurred to get to there creepy looking chairs. As they walked to the chairs Quinn counted help but realize that some of the kids with red eyes where from Mr. Turcot's class!

“WHOOO AHHHHH OOOOOO AHHHHH OOOOO AHHHH!!! Chanted the hoodie children. The leader put his hands up to silence the crowd “ I don't think I properly introduce myself, My name is lord Salem or the lord of eyes and fire!” tonight we are here to give you the invite to ether join us or... die in vain!!!!”

“OOOO AHHH OOOO AHHHHH!’’ chanted the crowd  “so the choice is yours!” said Salem as he strapped  Quinn, Paislee, and Blaze into there chairs “ if you chose to join you must give up your eyes for fire, and if you chose to not you will be burned in the fire!!! So what do you chose!” for the second time that day A dainty hand shot up “WHAT?!” hissed Salem “ why did you kill our teacher?” asked Paislee “OH hah that was a very temporary thing! “ What do you mean?!” asked Blaze “One more question” said Paislee why did you make these seat straps leather? “HUH!” with that Paislee and the others broke out of there bindings with Quinns pocket knife they all ran to where Salem stood flabbergasted about what just happened “take his cloak off” yelled Blaze, they all charged toward him and started pulling at his cloak trying to rip it off to see who was under all this when Salem held out his hand and flug blaze a foot away from the fire then threw Quinn up into the air and she fell onto the grass in a heap. then it was just Paislee and Salem.

Salme reached for her but Paislee dodged and darted behind him and climbed up his body and then with one quick motion pull Salem's cloak off him and revealed what he really was.  

There standing there was…. Mrs Snow

“Mrs snow!!?? Cried Paislee, Salem/ Mrs.snow looked so surprised that she quickly changed her eyes from red back to green  

“Ohh yesss!!”  

“We thought you were dead!” exclaimed Quinn

“Oh no I wasn't, I just gave my outer shell to one of your classmates to make it look like me”

“HUH? Questioned blaze

“You were always the dumb one blaze, it means I gave my skin to one of your classmates to make it look like me but in reality i'm a demon whose name is Salem and this is my true form!” as soon as Salem said that its body started to change into a shadowy figure with fire eyes
“And now you have to make that decision remember!”
“Mrs.Snow, Salem whoever you are I think I can speak for all three of us we will never ever join you!” yelled Quinn

“Ok that's your decisions then, Alfred the fire!!!!”

“NOOOOOO wait!!!!!” yelled a voice from behind the crowd, it was the little girl who, unlike the others, didn't have the red eyes instead she had bright blue ones with blonde hair, in fact she was just a normal little girl in a black cloak “zaylee get back or I’ll throw you in the fire!! Yelled Salem

“No you won't!” Zaylee yelled, then she started to raise Salem into the air with her mind!! Then with a flick of Zaylees head she threw Salem into the fire

“NO STOP!!” yelled Salem “NOOooo….” then there was silence

As soon as Salem went silent all of the black cloaked, red eyed army started to slowly fall and crumbly to the floor then die in a poof of black smoke!!

Zaylee then turned to us “Im sorry he was going to kill you guys”

“No no thank you Zaylee” replied Quinn, Zaylee nodded her head then turned to Paislee, as soon as those bright blue eyes connected with Paislee something incredible happened. Paislee dropped to her knees as tears started to roll down her cheeks then falling onto the rich brown soil.

“Paislee?” whispered Zaylee is that really you?

Paislee nodded as she slowly go up from the ground and ran to her sister.

For the first time in six years the sister embraced each other never wanting to let go.

After some time of the sisters reuniting Quinn asked

“ so Zaylee how did you do that thing with your mind?”

“ oh my telekinesis I was born with that!” at birth the nurses found weird brain waves going on so they alerted a brain technician, but that brain technician was Salem so because of my powers he stole me and made me grow up here. She gesture around to the cornfield. And I lived here of 6 years.

“But how come your eyes aren't red like the others?” asked Blaze

“That's because I wouldn't let him, he would try to turn me into those red eyed things but I would always toss him into the fire.

“ and made it out alive every time?’’ asked Quinn obviously concerned

“Yeah of course he's the lord of eyes and fire” everyone's heads shot to the fire. “Don't worry that's the sacrifice fire he CAN die in that fire so it won't be an problem” smiled Zaylee

“Well that's good sighed Paislee, now lets get us home, mom and dad will be worried, and very surprised that they now have two daughters!”

“Okay!!” agreed Zaylee. As everyone started to make there way out of the corn field the fire started to grow brighter and brighter until in dulled all together….. Until some glowing red eyes appeared from the coals “watch your back little ones, Salem's coming” 

3 months later 


“Zaylee time for bed” said Paislee as she tucked her little sister in tight with her favorite  butterfly blanket and kissed her on the forehead, “goodnight Paislee”

“Goodnight Zaylee I love you” whispered Paislee as she shut the light off on her way out of the room.

SREETECH, SREETECH Zaylee snapped her head toward the closet where the noise was coming from, where through the crack she could see  two glowing red eyes appeared “I told you salem's coming”  then the closet door flung open.

The author's comments:

"Red Eyes" is a horror thriller story with a lot of Unexpected twist and turns! hope you enjoy

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