The Facade

January 11, 2018
By Tamir16 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tamir16 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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James and Jack were best friends since childhood. Back then when were the tender age of six, they met in Kindergarten. They became friends almost instantaneously. They did everything together. Whether is was reciting the alphabet, learning to count to 20, or just napping together they were never to be seperated. Then in third grade James started to live with Jack's family after that tragic night. It was then and there he swore to become the best detective New York has ever seen. He knew he would not rest until he made the big city a safer place.


Twenty years passed, and James and Jack are now adults. James grew up to be one of the best detectives New York City has ever seen. Jack became a surgeon; his steady and precise hands were famous across the city. Their friendship survived throughout all of those years. They still did nearly everything together.. They knew everything about each other except for one small detail that James could never know about Jack. Jack was a serial killer known as the Ace Killer.


One night at The House, a very elite club, the men once again talked about the Ace Killer case. James had it for over a month and was still no closer to solving it.


“Yeah I just don’t know, Jack. It’s like he’s always one step ahead of us. He knows our next move. He knows how we think,” said Jack screaming over the blaring music as bright colorful lights flashed throughout the room.


“James, all you ever do is want to talk about work. Look. The Ace Killer is cunning and smart, but that doesn’t mean you have to think about him or her and that job 24/7,” James responded slightly annoyed, “you see that beautiful brunette over there? Go talk to her instead of me about this stupid case of yours. It’ll be there tomorrow. She, won’t.”


“I even told you everything about this case in hopes that you can help too. And still nothing. Why can’t we catch this guy?” James pondered, completely ignoring Jack.


“That is weird,” Jack said taking his fifth shot in the hopes of no longer hearing James rant.


This pattern continued for most of the night until Jack was too drunk to function, and James got tired of “partying”. Since James has always been more responsible, he drove. While driving he continued to rant about this case silently under his breath. Just then Jack said something about the case that he would have no way of knowing. It was something James never told him, nor was it anything that was released to the public. James ears perked. He started to listen more intently, but Jack never said anything else. That night James kept thinking about that incident, and even though he didn’t want to believe it, he knew he would have to further investigate his best friend.


The next day James went over Jack’s house to find any form of evidence to prove Jack’s guilt, however James still hoped for Jack’s innocence. While Jack was resting in bed, James searched everywhere. Looking both high and low for anything. “What was I thinking? Jack could never be the Ace Killer. I’ve known him for too long, and he’s not capable of doing such things. I’m just so glad I didn’t find anything,” James thought to himself. He was just about to give up when he stepped on a floorboard in the living room. It squeaked as it slightly lifted from the ground.


“Are you okay?” Jack screamed from his room.


“Yeah everything is fine. Just looking for the t.v. remote. Do you know where it is?” James responded quickly.


“Check in between the couch cushion. It’s always falling down there.”


“Okay. I’ll check now. Thanks.”
James carefully removed the floorboard; his jaw dropped as he looked inside of it. He removed the item from inside and placed the floorboard back on. However, it emitted a loud screeching sound as he tried to place it back in its spot.


“James?! What was that?” Jack called out from his room. Jack walked in to the living room where he saw James staring right back at him kneeling beside a floorboard that was not on properly.

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