Time to think

January 10, 2018
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It’s happening. There’s only so much time left.
What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!?
All these options are whizzing through my head.
Do I scream, kick, punch, laugh, cry, or more?
Do I calmly walk away or do I break down and cry on the floor?
I have to act fast, there’s only so much time left.
Father Time’s got me caught in his trap, with his minute hand coming closer and closer to slicing my time.
I need to think fast, there’s only so much time left.
Maybe there’s another way out of this.
There’s gotta be a loophole, there just has to be!
Maybe I can fabricate a scheme masterpiece.
Maybe if I… No, that won’t work…
What if I… That’s crazy; it won’t happen…
I’m running out of options, there’s only so much time left.
If I’m going to do something, I have to do it now.
Maybe I can try bribery. They would have to buy into that.
Although that’s illegal, so I shouldn’t put that up to bat.
But I should at least do SOMETHING.
I need my mouth or my hands or my ANYTHING to move!
It’s now or never, there’s only so much time left.
Now there’s little time left.
Now there’s no time left.
I should have seen it coming; I could have gone running and be forthcoming to anyone about this, but now it’s too late.
My brother has taken the last slice of pie, to which my mouth finally responds, crying “WHYYYY?!?”.

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