November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

It was 2:18 in the afternoon when the Captain of the flight said “ Ladies and Gentlemen we have reached Newark International Airport after our eight and a half hour flight.”
Me and my mother stretched after our very long flight. I always hated to fly. Imagine how I felt being trapped in a plane for eight and a half hours. I threw up multiple times because that's just how I get when I fly on a plane. As I screamed so loud “ O my god, thank god that is over!”
The flight attendant said to me “ have a nice day son.”
I replied with ”thank you.” She laughed when I said it. I knew that she was laughing because of my english accent. I had a very heavy english accent and I alway liked it. I thought it made me sound smart and sophisticated. Although that what I thought some people thought it was funny. As we left the plane and entered the airport the smell of food baking almost knocked me off my feet. It was like I way being taken into heaven because for the eight hours I only smelled throw up. But before I could even ask to get a bite to eat I was snatched by my mother.
“Don't even think about it Willy,” my mother said.
Yes that is my name. Willy, could it sound anymore like a little english boy. Anyway we are in a big rush to get to our apartment to meet our landlord. We grabbed our bags.
My mother screamed “Taxi!”
When we got in the taxi and told the driver were our apartment was, he floored it. He hit the gas pedal so hard that my held flew back and hit my head against the seat. We flew down the New Jersey Turnpike onto the George Washington Bridge. When we got to the apartment, we were welcomed.
“Welcome to New York,” the land owner said the lander owner.
We entered the apartment we got settled in and we lived there. The whole summer passed by. Didn't make many friends because most of the people in my apartment complex did not have kids. Before I knew it the first day of school came. I was very nervous because this was my first day of school in New York. I woke up got dressed.
“Have a great day honey,” my mother said. “I will see you after school”
My first day was going well, until my English teacher called on me.
“Willy where are you from,” he asked.
` “ England,” I said. The whole class bursted out laughing. They made fun of how I talked. Even the teacher laughed a little bit. For the rest of the day every time I talked people would laughed. I went home hoping, that when I went home that everyone would forget about the way I talked. But they didn't for the next month every time I talked they would laugh. One time I got so upset that I left school and ran home. 
“ It will all work out,” my mom said.
I didn't. Every day no one would take me seriously all because of the way I talked. In England I  had plenty of friends. They didn't make fun of me. We sounded the same. One day a group of people in school came up to me. Ricky the main bully said one word. When he said the one word, I swung my arm back and punched him in the face. Blood ran down his nose like a running stream of water in a creek.
“What are you crazy,” Ricky said.
He got up and they all ran away. I walked away from that moment with my head held high. I thought that they were scared of me now and that they will respect me. But I got in trouble. I was suspended for three days. When I came back to school every one thought I was a freak. They made fun of me even more. Life got even worse. Until another boy moved here from England. His name is billy. Me and Billy lived next to each other. We walked to school together on his first day and we stopped.
“Were in this together,” he said.
We walked in. It was like the whole world looked at me differently. I started to make friends. I finally felt good about myself since I moved from England. People started to think about what's on the inside. Not how I sound or how I look like. But what kind of person that I am.
“ Hey i'm sorry for the way I made fun of you and how I made you miserable,” said Ricky.
“Its okay Ricky,” I said. Then walked away. It's not how you look or talk. But it's about the inside. Sometime people don't see that especially if you new or different.

The author's comments:

Its about the stuggles of a english boy named Willy

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