September 29, 2017
By KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
KurdiG PLATINUM, Douglasville, Georgia
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Once there was four nations that all represtened an astonishing element such as water, air, fire, and earth. These elements are the true definition of harmony. Water is smooth, elegant, powerful, beautiful, and most of all extrodinary. Air is free, magnificent, essentially, sudden, clear, and most of alll sensational. Fire is terrifically thunderous, tremendous, devstating, and most of all intense. Last but certainly not least is earth which is growth, light, power, bloomy, and most of all reproduction. Without these fascinating elements the world would be extremely dreadful which is completely repulsive. There are an enormous amount of humans that wants power, ravishing jewels, and money. Harmony is peace, agreement, sympathy, friendship, cooperation, and most of all unity. Which element represents yourself?

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Which elements represents you?

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