Attic Stairs

May 22, 2017
By , Winter Park, FL

It was a dark and damp morning when Fred went into his attic. He is a short blonde haired kid who despises heights and spiders. Because of this, Fred is naturally wary of attics and caves. He would never go into one without reason. On this morning Fred had a good reason.
“Come on Down and greet your Aunt, Fred.” Fred’s frail and hateful stepmother yelled to him at the bottom of the attic stairs.
Fred is hated by his stepmother’s relatives because he is not her son. They hated him because he is not exceptional. They hate him because he is a normal sixteen year old boy. His stepmother only married his father because she wanted money.
His Dad was an entrepreneur. A rich one at that. His Dad did some wondrous thing that Fred still does not understand nor does he care. Fred knew he would not get the company when he is old enough to run a company, he already stated to his father that he did not want to run a company when he gets older.
“Fred get down here now!” His evil stepmother yelled up the attic stairs.
“Just stay quiet Fred, just stay quiet. She will not come up the stairs.” Fred muttered to himself sitting between the Halloween decorations and the turned off light.
“When I come up there and I am going to drag you down these stairs by the hair for disobeying me!” His Stepmother yelled up the stairs.
Fred can’t hit his stepmother because then his father will get angry. This is the only thing that his father does not believe him on. His father does not believe that his stepmother hates him, yells at him, and abuses him.
The Halloween box is still open from last Halloween. He remembered that the demon is scared of one of the more creepy decorations that he had bought this year. Fred quickly opens and sets the book with the one staring eye that follows you everywhere you go, at the top of the attic stairs.
When his stepmother climbed to the top of the steep stairs she took one glance at the fake looking decoration before letting out a bloodcurdling scream and fell backwards down the stairs. Fred winced when he heard the dull crack of the back of her skull against the wood floor that his stepmother had to have in all the rooms of the house. Fred quietly closed the door to the attic and stayed in there until well past midnight looking around for any webs to signify spiders.

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