Im not your toy

May 13, 2017
By Jess.M.Walker BRONZE, MELBOURNE, Florida
Jess.M.Walker BRONZE, MELBOURNE, Florida
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I'm not your toy.
I'm not okay.
The things you say,
Make me ache.
The names you call me,
They break me down.

When you push me around,
Till i'm black and blue.
It Ruins the facade I've made,
Cause of you..

When you call me ‘freak’.
You say to ‘drop dead’.
I take it to heart,
Instead of pushing it aside

The scars I've made,
To stop hurting.
Have a story behind,
Telling of your abuse.

My so called ‘friends’.
Don't stop the hurt
They watch from afar.
And keep to themselves.

Maybe if you knew me,
You'd be nicer.
If you saw the shattered soul,
Under the smile,
I plaster on each day,
You'd fix your wrongs.

See that i'm human,
That i feel.
See that i flinch,
When your insults are told.

Look at me.
See the pain inside my eyes,
Behind the tear, and hate.
Let me be, to fix my heart.
Before my pain gets too much.
Before i can't go anymore.
Before i give up my fight.
Don't make me join the state of mind,
I've tried desperately not to join.

The author's comments:

the consept of this piece is that even though someone may seem happy doesnt mean they are. just because they smile doesnt mean they dont hurt, just cause they have friends doesnt mean they have someone, or are'nt lonely.

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