The Hum

April 19, 2017

The vents were spouting a loud choppy hum to the tune of 37 years with no sleep. He can’t sleep. I was wide awake because of it, I don’t blame him though; he can’t help it. He’s always stayed up for me; scanning our surroundings for predators. I know he doesn't have much strength left as all his parts have been wearing away, but he never stops watching over me and for that I’ll always be grateful. We're going to the place where rocks meet the snow after we pass where the concrete meets the rocks. I dip and swirl my fingers in the small puddle of oil that leaks from him to pass the time as the night passes. The pool is in the shape of an apricot; or at least what I think an apricot looks like. I’m just going off the name. I’d like to see one someday. Maybe if the snow melts at the place we’re getting to. For now though, the hum is I have.

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