April 26, 2017
By , park city, UT

It is a cold night on March 15th, but it is hot in the room where 150 people are dancing and
running around. The tables are filled with people and centerpiece and they serve the cake it
could be big or small.
We wear suits but with color isn't the same as the fancy dress the the girls have on. We
practice 2-3 hours a day before the party. We are in the presence of family and friends at the
Quinceanera. We have to dance with her in each song and they can have a surprise dance that
the girls perform.
They serve food to other people and they pass the beers out and they have to check his
ID and they give out some alcohol but they have to do the same thing with beers.
That people dance a lot and they get tired when they’re dancing and then some people get in a
fight because they are drunk and they just fight for no reason then everyone comes and help
them get out of the fight and the party ends at 1 or 2 am in the morning and it is like a zombie
apocalypse. My blisters might heal by the time my friends Quince comes around again and I will
be ready to dance all night and twirl the girl…

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