The End of Being Invisible

March 20, 2017
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They looked at me as if I was some maimed puppy, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed. I was embarrassed and uncomfortable, and despite how many times I closed my eyes and wished them to go away it wouldn’t be over. I closed my eyes and opened them, my face flushed red as hot tears fell down my face. The salt of them were bitter on my tongue. I was now that girl, I had spent years making sure I was ‘just another girl’. Because some of us can’t take the attention, it brought out my insecurities I have always hidden so solemnly.  But now I was there and the turf beneath me was my stage, but they weren’t throwing roses at my feet, this wasn’t a smile on my face. No this was a nightmare, and the mascara was running down my face and the air smelled earthy from the rain, the mud stained my jeans and their laughs sounded louder than any applause I had ever heard. And although I wanted some cute boy to come to my rescue, maybe I would be strong and get up on my own, maybe some girls would help me up and be friends. Instead, a teacher yelled driving the kids away leaving me alone. And although now the show was over, the stories were not. This was indeed the end of being Invisible.

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