Where has all the Hope Gone?

November 18, 2016

Dear Hope,

Where are you? Ever since you left, my life has been a series of holes and cracks. It feels as if you left me to suffer alone. I no longer believe in you. What's left to hope for, anyways? This world is full of so much hate and bitterness, all of us are hopeless.

Sometimes I wonder where you have gone. Have you dissappeared? Did you see no hope in saving me? Was I not worth your time?

People say you are such a strong word. I disagree. You aren't strong- you never were. Strong doesn't mean giving up on somthing when times are hard, and that's what you did. You left me when I needed you the most. You are weak. You are only a four letter word, but yet, you cause so much damage. I wish I knew why.

Do you regret leaving? Perhaps you do, maybe you don't. If only I knew what you knew.




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