Why Me?

November 10, 2016
By knuko21 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
knuko21 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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The bag was ripped of of my face, when i opened my eyes it was dark, small, old, musty scented  place. I had no clue where i was, One, because i had the bag on my face, Two, because i was knocked out. I knew what the mafia wanted, and i had to escape before they got  the codes from me.
I examined the room to see if there were any possible escape routes but then i heard
I heard the pounds on the door, and they nearly scared me to death. Then about Four tall men came through the door. One of them said, “ We know who you are, and what you have, give them to us and there will be no problem.”
I could understand them but they had heavy accent but i couldn’t figure out the accent. “ No.”I replied. “ Why should I give them to you?” I knew this wouldn't work. I was just stalling. One of the men said something in a foreign language, so I didn't know what he said, I think that if I didn’t tell the codes to him the men would torture me. I had to think real fast if I wanted to escape.
  I was sweating a lot so the ropes around my hands basically slid off my hands. When the ropes fell off I busted through the door like Marshawn Lynch when he eats skittles. Surprisingly, there were no guards so it was rather easy to get out of the building. Once I  was out of the building I tried to hide, I felt like the mafia was always watching me. No matter where I went,  they always watched me. I was never safe. “At least i escaped i thought.” If I moved to another part of where i was located now I might be a little safer. When I arrived in the more populated area of where I was I bought new clothes and a hat to somewhat disguise my face. For now I think I am safe. I was praying that they never found me again. They were probably looking for me because I escaped. Why would they want me though, I don’t understand why they would want me.

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