Embarrassment Amplified

March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Wednesday was the most embarrassing day of my life. I woke up early to pick out the perfect outfit because I had a study group after school with Todd. He is only the cutest boy in the entire school! Anyway, we were supposed to study for the history final after school'alone'together. I thought it was going to be the best day of my life, but this was not the case. I spent extra time on my hair that morning and even put on some makeup, and to top it all off I had the perfect outfit: my favorite jeans, my nicest shirt, and the right amount of accessories. I was set. Usually I don't wear my best clothes to school because I am a firm believer in comfort over fashion but when you are trying to score a date with the most attractive guy at Weston High, a little extra effort is a necessity. I struggled to concentrate through my first three classes because I was too focused on what Todd would think when he saw me in history class during fourth. When the bell rang, I rushed into 402D to take my seat. I wanted to look approachable but not too eager when he came in. Todd walked over to me and asked if we were still on for studying tonight. I grinned and said of course, and he sat down. He turned around in his seat to say something to me when a look of horror crossed his face. 'Oh my God your nose is spouting blood like Old Faithful!'
'What!?!,' I screamed as I looked down and saw blood dripping onto my desk and my shirt. I ran out of the classroom before I even got permission to leave. 'Great,' I thought as I wiped the blood off my face on the way to the nurse's office, 'He probably thinks I'm a hemophiliac or something.' I rushed the nurse through the icing and blotting process and rushed back to history. The blood on my shirt was slowly drying but it was still ghastly. Everyone in the class looked at me like I had walked out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I was mortified. I slunk back into my seat, covering my face with my book. Todd turned around wanting to know if we could still study. I managed a weak smile and said yes.
During the passing period I asked my friend Rachel if she had an extra shirt in her gym bag that I could borrow. She handed me a faded 'Oktoberfest 1989' t-shirt. 'Sorry, it may be a little big,' She said, 'It was my dad's.' I thanked her for the size 2X shirt and thought my day could not get any worse but I was completely wrong. Sixth hour I had Geometry with Todd. I was hoping to make it through the class without another trip to the nurse's office but I was not so lucky. My sister had helped me with my hair that morning and it looked really nice. She also let me borrow her earrings. I was twirling my fingers in my hair and I somehow managed to catch my finger on my earring and I ripped it right out of my ear. I was too shocked to say anything and I was really hoping no one had witnessed my latest debacle. Again, I was not so lucky because my friend Mary saw and told me I should go to the nurse. I desperately tried to avoid eye contact with Todd as I left. For the second time in one day I left a classroom in shame and tried to explain to the nurse that I am not usually this accident prone. She bandaged my ear and sent me back to class saying she did not want to see me again. The rest of the day was kind of a blur because I was so miserable. After school I went to the library full expecting not to see Todd but much to my surprise he was sitting with his books open and was ready to go. When I went over to him I asked if he was sure he wanted to study with me.
'Well, as long as you don't bleed on me ear or try to pull your other ear off,' he said with a smile. I rolled my eyes and sat down.

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