February 10, 2009
By lissili SILVER, New York City, New York
lissili SILVER, New York City, New York
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She was going to Hiera today.

Happily, fourteen year old Emma entered the hospital. This was it.

Hiera was, according to some, the land for geniuses. Emma smiled as she thought of it. Any and all students who passed the Hieran exam were invited to the mysterious land. Apparently, it was so lovely there that nobody ever bothered coming back to her hometown'Pairha City.

What an honor it was, to be invited there! How beautiful it must be, for nobody to come back and even visit their families. It was, though, a bit unfair that only those who passed the exam were invited to Hiera. The test had been rather difficult, even for her. So what if she was deemed a genius?

Intelligence shouldn't have anything to do with it, she decided.

Her family had cried bitterly when they let her leave. What was so horrible? They ought to have been proud.

'We are proud, Emma,' her mother had said. 'We're so proud. I'I hope I can see you again, someday.'

She had chirped, 'I'll visit, for sure!' And she intended to keep that promise.

Emma sat in one of the plastic orange seats, looking around with boredom. There weren't even any magazines to read! What was a girl to do to get some entertainment?

Well, the woman over there was talking rather loudly... Something about overpowering the government with intelligence, paradise, etcetera. Government never interested her.

'Will Emma Sparse please report to Room 2B?' a lady announced over the loudspeaker.

'So soon?' she mumbled, and did as she was told. A young man was there to greet her.

'You are...' He checked his clipboard. 'Miss Emma Sparse, I presume?'

'I am,' she said. 'It's very nice to meet you.' She glanced into the room. 'Shall I enter?'

He nodded.

'What does this have to do with the proceedings, anyway?' she inquired. 'Am I to get shots or something? Because I can assure you, I'm really quite healthy.' Emma shuddered. 'And I'd prefer not to receive any shots, thank you.'

The man looked at her sadly. 'No, you will be going to Hiera shortly. Do not worry.'

'From here?' She glanced upward, startled. 'But'but I haven't packed my bags! I haven't even brought any money, I''

He smiled at her, with the same pity that had been in his eyes. 'You don't need to bring anything to paradise.' He took her hand and led her into the room. 'The world shall miss you, Emma.'

'Oh, I'll visit,' Emma assured eagerly. 'I'm going to visit my family every month and make sure my brothers aren't causing my mom any trouble. They're so young, you know, and I...'

The young man listened intently, then bowed. 'I'm afraid I'll have to leave now. Have a safe journey, miss.'

'From here?' she repeated incredulously.

He closed the door and exited.

Emma looked around. How peculiar, she thought. This room has no windows. A strange odor washed over her.
What is that? Smells horrible....
She inhaled it, hoping to recognize the scent. Instead, she found herself choking. What was wrong with her throat? Why were they closing up? What'why'?

She kneeled and took another deep breath, hoping she would be able to inhale oxygen the second time around. She couldn't.

How did the odor get in the room if there were no windows? Were they'were the doctors letting it in?

Why was the room spinning? She struggled fought for air, feeling lightheaded and woozy.

Can't... breathe....

And suddenly, the room was dark.

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