The ultimate consequence (this is the prolouge, not the finished article)

March 10, 2009
By Richard Macey BRONZE, Lydney, Other
Richard Macey BRONZE, Lydney, Other
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Andrew Carrsin cautiously stumbled around the corner, taking in the various signs of a massacre, with weird, alien transcript sprayed on to the walls, written in some kind of organic material. The dim light in the ships corridor pumped a mass of adrenaline around his body, his simple, crude weapon slung over his shoulder. He limply staggered towards the cargo elevator, impatient for it to come down as the quarantine over the ship meant that various access codes had to be input. He glanced over his aching shoulder, always alert, for what appeared to be mutated human life. He peered down at the orange operating screen, which displayed his name and ship ID, a sight he hadn't noticed for a good year. He mumbled that he was too old for this, and then hopped on to the elevator when it arrived. He punched in for it to go up and looked around, the organic matter creeping up the wall like vines. He then had a sudden chilling sensation, before turning around to see the mutated behemoth, its mutated arms flailing at him, content of devouring him like an unimportant snack in the middle of a feast. Before he knew it, he swung his crude pistol around the face of the mutant and fired until the clip was empty.

He stared down at the bushed up carcass, feeling pity for the once human thing, before searching it for anything, bullets, access codes / ID, useful stuff, anything. After being unsuccessful, as the elevator finally came to a stop, he glanced at shiny metal object, noticing the shape of some kind of assault rifle. He bent down to pick it up, and felt a sharp pain in the back, as he turned, another mutant was behind him, horribly deformed, and the next thing he knew, and his whole world went black in pain.

The author's comments:
This is a true horrer story not for the faint hearted.

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