Dear Diary

January 20, 2009
By James Linnell BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
James Linnell BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Dear Diary

Ever since the terrorists set off those insanely large EMPs (Electromagnetic pulses) all over Earth, life has been rough. Since scientists couldn’t find a way to remake any electronics, I was starting to think that the EMPs were permanent. Rumor has it that scientists finally gave up on restoring electronics. Hope is fading away fast.

It’s weird though. People are still going through their everyday life, like nothing happened. Stores and schools are still running, though with little security, people have been taking advantage of the situation and robbing many stores for their own pleasure.

I awoke early in the morning from a nudge on the shoulder. It was only my dad, but I wondered why he woke me up so early in the morning. Still stretching, he ushered me into the kitchen. As I was still waking up, I could easily see that the house was a wreck. Plates were broken to tiny bits and pieces on the ground. The old T.V. was smashed into itself, and everything was taken out of the drawers and ruthlessly thrown down onto the ground. I wasn’t very sure on how I felt about the whole situation, but my mom was hysterical. She was starting to put everything back into the drawers, dad was getting the plates, and I was told to take a small cart and get more plates from the store.

When I came back, everything was picked up, and put in the drawers. Dad was sweeping away the broken pieces of T.V. into a small bucket. My mom loved the new plates by the way.

Its hard dealing with nothing to do all day, it can get pretty boring. Before, I used to adore technology. Heck, you could call me a computer geek and I’d take it as a compliment. Now, without even a flashlight, I’m going crazy. I start to pray to the gods that to bring back computers. Then sit in the fetal position and cry a little. I swear I’m losing it.

For the last few weeks, my baby sister Sarah started to have a horrible cough. She would sometimes even cough out a little blood. We were all very worried. Though we had little money, so we couldn’t afford a check-up.

It was almost dinner time, and as always, I had to go get Sarah. She was sleeping, so I turned her over to wake her up, but she wasn’t breathing! I panicked and panicked, thinking of all the good times we used to have together. All gone in a flash.

Before we went to bed, my parents started the arrangements for a funeral. After that we all got together to await the next cold, winter night. Worst day ever.

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