The Camaro

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Vrrrroooommm! Vrrrroooommm! He took off down the street peddle to the floor. He looks down at the speedometer and is astonished by what it says. He was going an amazing 150 mph. His name was Jeffery McCarda. It was his 16th birthday and he had just got his license and he thought he was in love. Her name Betty. She was a 1974 Chevrolet Camaro and she had a V8 and she could get around.

Jeffery lived in the little town of Crease Sunk in Michigan. He went to a little school in the middle of the town called Crease Sunk High and football was life. Jeffery was a sophomore and a star fullback for the J.V. team. The students in the school weren’t in all there little cliques they dressed and acted different but in a way they were all still friends. There were the Bayou boys (Nat, Net, and Saith). They had a couple of what they called the gangster want to bees. And the usual different groups but they all got along. Jeffery enjoyed his life he was good at the sport he loved and had the car of his dreams and always had a good time.

It was homecoming week and they were getting ready to play Modisen. They were a good team but Modisen was the team to beat. They were undefeated and Crease Sunk was too so they needed the win plus it was homecoming.

Finally the day came and everyone was pumped to play or just to watch. At the homecoming assembly the same old stuff went on queen was crowned and all the games were played but all of the football players were not paying attenchin because they knew how important the game was. The assembly ended and then the team went to there lockers did what they had to and went to team dinner. After the dinner they all were focusing as hard as possible on the game and just thinking about what needed to happen.

The next couple of hours were tourcher for Jeffery because he knew he had to play his best or a win wouldn’t happen. Then the time of suiting up came and they all got there pads on and got each other ready. After their warm ups and talk they went out the door and on to the field. Their hearts were racing the fans were screaming and they yelled as loud as they could getting ready for that first hit. They ran out on to the field for kick off and they were receving. The kick was off and Sam Cites ran it for 30 yards. And then offensive team went out Jeffery was starting fullback and they started it with a 31 trap. Jeffery got ready and heard go he went picked up his block and Nat Bakes ran it for a gain of 10 yards. The next play was a pass and it was intercepted so out went the defense. The defense stopped Modisen for the first 2 downs but then they launched the ball over the line and it was caught for a touchdown. Modisen made the extra point and kicked the ball but it was only run for 10 yards. Out went the offense and Jeffery wasn’t in on the last play he had got hit in the back and was hurt but he didn’t think it was bad enough to keep him out for much longer. The offense did good on the first 2 downs and then on the 3rd they ran a 30 trap and scored a touchdown with 25 seconds left in the first half. They kicked the extra point and it was good.

After half time Jeffery was good to go but he didn’t go in until there was 3 and a half minutes left in the quarter. He went in and ran the ball for a 20 yard gain. The next play he blocked for the pass and the pass was caught for a 15 yard gain. The next play was another 30 trap and Jeffery went to block but was hit from the side and got knocked over and again his back was in pain. He went out and rested it and stretched the team went on to get another touchdown and they went for 2 but it was no good and that ended the 3rd quarter.

Jeffery went in the 4th quarter with 8 minutes left he blocked for the first two plays and was fine the third play he ran and gain 4 yards still fine. Fourth down they went for it with 1 yard away from the first down they decided to give it to Jeffery and have him run a 21 blast he went as hard as possible and barely got it but it was the first down. Jeffery went down and got landed on and again with the back pain and the game only had 4 minutes and 35 seconds left. The trainer told him he shouldn’t go in again because it was getting worse but Jeffery was going to try after a couple stretches it was felling better so he tried it and went in he blocked for one play and immediately went out. He ended the game out but was proud of his playing. After the game he couldn’t wait to see her. He got to the parking lot and hopped right in he took off as fast as possible tires squiling.

He got to school the next day feeling better and letting everyone know. His day was good and he just went on the next week he was good to play. He had the best game of his career.

Crease Sunk ended up going undefeated and he made it through the year only got 2 tickets in Betty. Jeffery loved his year and never had a better season. He went to college and is now a mechanical technichion at a Chevrolet plant and still has Betty.

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