How to Stay Awake Late Studying

January 11, 2009
By Kristine Werling, Hoffman Estates, IL

Find an Appropriate Location
1. Establish a secluded room to study in.

Evaluate each of the rooms in your house and select one that has minimal distractions that will interfere with your studying. If you prefer your study environment to be quiet, the room you choose should have minimal extraneous noises.
2. Adjust the lighting.

Turn on all available lights in your study zone. If the lighting is poor, you should plug-in portable lamps or flashlights. The lights need to shine directly on your study materials or directly into you eyes. The bright lights reflecting off the paper will keep you eyes more focused. Do not commence your late night in a dim room, as it is more likely to result in you drifting off to sleep.
3. Create airflow.

If applicable, open a window or turn on a fan in your selected study room. By doing so, you create airflow, which in turn keeps your body stimulated. If your late study night falls during the winter months then you should open your window all the way. Not only will the temperature change keep you from falling asleep, your family members coming to complain about the house’s heat lose will keep you awake.
4. Don’t get comfortable.

While studying late into the night, never lay down. Sit in a hard wooden or metal straight-backed chair that will prevent you from getting too cozy and falling asleep. Place a tap, sharp side up on your chair if you need to.
Keep Your Mind Focused
1. Caffeinate.

Go to your kitchen and find a can of Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. Check the label to make sure your beverage selection has caffeine in it. If you prefer, you can also have ice-tea or ice-coffee. Stay away from hot beverages with milk in them that will make you relaxed and tired. Caffeinate yourself when you have reached the point in the night when you begin reading the same sentence more than 6 times without successful comprehension.
2. Take a “power nap.”

Lay down in your bed, turn the lights off, and shut the door. Set your alarm clock for 20 minutes later. Make sure you change the AM or PM setting to the time that is applicable. Allow yourself to fall asleep. 20 minutes later get up right away and don’t lay back down. Only implement the power nap at times when caffeine is wearing off.
3. Look up you grades online.

Go on the computer and access your school’s online grade book. View your grade for the class that you are staying up late to study for. The shock and panic feeling that you feel will motivate your mind to keep its wheels turning for about 10 minutes.
Stimulate Your Senses
1. Listen to music.

If you can study with other noises turn on loud, angry music that will keep you rocking all night. Turn the music up to an almost unbearable level, creating a nearly impossible environment to fall asleep in
2. Put ice-cubes down your shirt.

Depart to the kitchen and open the freezer. Remove a handful of ice-cubes and then slide them all down the back of your shirt so they are touching your skin. At this point you can only benefit from your resulting yelps and spastic movements.
3..Splash water in your face.
Go to the bathroom and turn on the cold faucet. Let the water run for 35 seconds in order to become adequately chilled. Then, cup you hands together and fill them with water. Now, lower your face to the sink and slosh the icy water into your face. Dry your face with a towel. If this is ineffective fill a small cup with ice-water and submerge your toe in the water.
4. Do a cartwheel.

Find an open area in your house. Step with your right foot first and then place your right hand followed by your left, firmly on the ground. Hurl your body over your hands. It’s okay if you fail, because the resulting pain prevents you from falling asleep for the rest of the night.
5. Open a bottle of nail polish remover.

Venture to your bathroom cabinet and locate a bottle of nail polish remover. Unscrew the cap and place it in the vicinity of your study room. The strong unpleasant fumes will prevent you from peacefully drifting off to sleep.
6. Poke yourself in the eye.

Locate a blunt pencil or a short-nailed finger. Firmly poke your implement into the corner of you eye. Don’t cause any seriously damage, but a small amount of discomfort is your goal. Poke your eye in 75 second intervals and your eye lids won’t dare close again.
7. Set off the fire alarm.

Locate a book of matches. Light one of the matches and hold it directly under your fire detector. The loud, obnoxious beeping that results will cause an adrenaline rush, which will keep your brain functioning at a fairly acceptable rate for the next 34 minutes.
8. Create adrenaline.

Dress up like a mailman with blue clothing, hat, and a bag. Exit your house through the back door and walk to the neighbor’s house. Open the gate that holds their pet dog. Get the dogs attention and then run. The angry dog pursues you. Running for you life creates an adrenaline rush which will sharper your mind once again so you can continue studying.

9. Go to sleep.
Once you have completed all your necessary studying collapse into you bed and go to sleep.

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