A Thoughtful Kid

January 11, 2009
By Bradley Lorenz, Westerville, OH

Ever wish you could read someone’s mind? You know that special someone who you like and want to know if she or he likes you back. Well, John Stanley can read people’s mind! Everyone thinks this trait would be great but John disagrees. As he walks down the hallway at school he hears many things. “Oooowa, look at that shirt she’s wearing.” “She’s hot!” “I’ve got so much homework.” “I hate school.” “I hope I get to class on time, I heard this period is a Tardy Sweep and I don’t want a detention.” Then occasionally John will hear the nerd saying to himself, “the square root of 576 is 24, and 13 times 18 is 234.” Who can do that in their head? Then he will hear the stupid kid sitting at his study hall table staring into space thinking, “_______________,” ya nothing.

This special power John has distracts him during class. When he is trying to listen to his Algebra teacher so he will be able to do his homework tonight, he hears some of his classmates say “When are we ever going to use this in life? This guy is crazy!”

Stanley is what John’s friends call him. Even all the teachers call him that. Once in his science class there were five Johns so the teacher had to call him Stanley. The only way Stanley can learn is if he is in a room where no one is near so he can’t hear them think. So going to school does nothing for him. He has to teach himself how to do all the work because while he is trying to listen to the teacher all he hears are thoughts.

John wants an on-off switch for his power, but he can’t get one. He wants to be able to read people’s mind only at the time he wants. You see John is on the golf team and he play golf with many different people from many different schools. His handicap is one over par. For you who don’t know anything about golf that is really good. Not just good but great. Stanley doesn’t look like a golfer, more of a football player. He’s buff about six three and two hundred and twenty pounds.

Well, one time while playing a match on the first tee box was his opponent, a freshman from Lockvalley High. He thought he was the stuff; he was the only freshman on his school’s varsity team. Well on the first tee box when Stanley was about to introduce himself, he said “Hi, I’m John!” The other kid just looked away and said to himself “this kid is not worthy enough to talk to me.” This made John laugh a little because he knew he was going to beat him. Well during the round pretty much every shot Stanley shot Mr. Hotshot would wish to himself to be able the play golf like Stanley.

John definitely had an abnormal childhood. When he was two he knew Santa was not real and at six when he lost his first tooth he woke up because he could hear his mother thinking while she was trying to exchange a dollar for a tooth.

Stanley has never told anyone about his power because he thought it would be strange to tell someone he knew what they were thinking.

You know how so many people who are in high school still don’t know what profession they want to be? Well Stanley has known what he has wanted to be ever since he was four when there was a shooting down the street. He wanted to be the lie detector for FBI. He wanted to be able to hear criminal’s thoughts and know everything that went on in a crime. He wanted to be the hero of the town who would bring justice and peace to the world. No one would want to commit any crime because they would know that they would have to go through John Stanley. John wants to be a superhero with a story, and each story that he has end with… “John Stanley going day by day listening in on the world changing what we see as tomorrow.”

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