The Rainforest

December 16, 2008
By Tim Monson, Amery, WI

Once upon a time there was a little cockatoo named Henry. Henry was an abnormally small cockatoo. He was only 11 inches tall. All of the other cockatoos made fun of Henry calling him Runt and those vicious names elementary school kids call each other.

One day Henry decided he was fed up with all of the name calling and brought a stick to the tree that all the little cockatoos played in. Once he got there all of the little cockatoos began calling him Runt and Squirt. This was the last straw for Henry, and he revealed the stick.

“Go ahead, call me Squirt again!” shouted Henry.

“Calm down. It was only a joke!” exclaimed one of the smaller cockatoos.

“No! I’ve had enough of all the criticism; now everybody is going to pay.”

“Put the stick down, Henry,” reasoned one of the older cockatoos as he flew into the lower level of the tree.

“No! Everybody has put me through enough pain!” yelled Henry as he hit himself over the head with the stick. Henry started plummeting when one of the elder macaws swooped down and caught him inches from the wet ground.

Days later Henry awoke, tied to a branch. To this day Henry is still tied to that branch and only eats what falls from the other cockatoo’s meals.

The Moral- “Don’t harass a cockatoo with a stick.”

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