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Kindness is a beautiful woman with long brown hair down her back. She has a round face with large dark brown eyes, and a warm smile. Kindness is calm and gentle with a beautiful voice always ready to break into song. She wears a light blue dress that trails behind her as she walks barefoot over a carpet of soft green grass. She has a dove on her shoulder, a rabbit in her arms, flowers in her hair. She is always nice, always considerate, never hurting another living thing.

She walks throughout the world helping those that need help, leaving peace and prosperity behind her. She loves all, never judges, always forgives. She cares for every living thing in her path. She speaks for those that need a voice and stops a hurting hand. She gives money to the poor and takes away greed from the rich. She gives advice to those who need it and does everything she can to make all problems go away. She is mercy and beauty, compassion, and understanding. She always has a shoulder to cry on and open arms for a hug. She gives a poor woman her last penny. She runs a soup kitchen for those in need. She stops an army from invading a country that can’t defend themselves. She stops a saw from cutting down a tree. She stops a dog from killing a squirrel and prevents a child from pulling a cats tail. She waters a thirsty tree and brings rain to desert. She sends a get well card to a man in a hospital.

She never stops fighting for those who need help. She never gets tired of doing the right thing. Sometimes it is hard to find her, but she is everywhere.

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