Burning Of Evidence

October 21, 2008
By Brittany Whalen, Herndon, VA

I emerged from the woods with everything in hand. Approaching the bonfire created minutes before, my hands began to tremble. The heat stung my eyes a little bit but it didn’t seem to phase me. I continued to stare into the scorching orange glow that stood only a few feet in front of me. Dropping the pile of miscellaneous items onto the damp, muddy ground below, I picked up a shirt. It was a pink tank top with a lace trim, and a tiny ketchup stain towards the bottom. I smirked and tossed it into the flames. Grabbing a black pair of skinny jeans, ripped at the knee, I noticed a bulge in the left pocket. I removed the crumpled up, slightly wet note from it. Kicking a few more items of clothing into the fire, I focused on the note. opening it up and flattening it out by rubbing it on my leg, I brought it a few inches away from my face to read. I cleared my throat and read it out loud.

Hey Elexa, I’m sorry about all this stupid drama, you need to forget about them, he’s immature and trying to get to you, and she’s just crazy. Her lies and mean comments shouldn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry about it, I’ll be here for you. I’ll get my revenge on her. Love, Traci.

I busted out into overly dramatic laughter, as I lit the corner on fire and watched the paper disintegrate in my hand. “Nobody gets revenge on me.” I whispered to myself.

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