Forbidden Midnight

October 16, 2008
By Kelcee' Brown, Cincinnati, OH

She looks across the lake on this forbidden midnight and sees the silver moon reflecting on the black water. A cold wind arrives. Chills run down her spine. She is not allowed to be out this late but she is anyway. She takes in her surroundings. Trees are all around her, swaying in the wind. She looks up to the moon and sees stars twinkling beside it. The moon looks like a golf ball. She recalls a time when she and her father used to golf on Saturdays. But since he left, they don’t do it anymore. She skips a rock across the black lake; it creates a ripple effect. She stands up and begins to sing. She has the voice of a beautiful siren, soft but intriguing. Someone finishes the lyrics to her song. She steps back in fear. It is him. She has been waiting for him. She laughs with relief and hugs him. He takes her by the hand and spins her around. They dance and the moon will be their disco ball tonight. She is not permitted to see him but she can’t stay away. They can only meet at night because they know they won’t get caught. It is a forbidden midnight.

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