Bella, Bella, Bella

October 18, 2008
By Lauren Noga, Alameda, CA

Bella, Bella, Bella...

It was a Wednesday night and I plopped myself down on the couch. I turned on the TV, and flipped through the channels. Nothing on in particular. Betty Boop didn't come on for another hour, and the Three Stooges had just finished. I kept flipping until I came to a channel that had a fire burning on the screen. I left it there because we didn't have a fireplace, but it was still cozy and the room felt warmer.

I went to the cupboard took out the jar of peanut butter- we were fortunate to still have it- and I took a huge spoonful and sucked on it. When I was done, I looked down at my old worn-out slippers, which I had gotten so long ago, that my feet hung out. They were sad creatures, but so comfortable, I couldn't get rid of them. After staring at my feet for a while I walked myself back upstairs, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

When I woke I felt that the day would be different. I got up quickly, showered, and got dressed for school. I wore one of my nice dresses, put my hair in a ribbon, and wore some of my mother's perfume. I felt on top of the world. The first period bell rang and I took my seat next to Tiffany. We have been best friends for over ten years, we met when we were five years old.

“Hey Julie, have you seen the new kid?” asks Tiffany impatiently.

-No I haven't. Why would I want to. Plus why do you care you hate new kids!” I snapped back as fast as I could.

-No need to be mean about it!” she said.

All of a sudden the bell rings and we both flinch. We turn around and get comfortable in our seats and our teacher – Mr. Mike – begins the lesson: English. While everyone was quietly getting out their books a kid bursts through the doors panting and sweating. My first reaction was that he was the new kid. And I was right about it, but now I knew why Tiffany was so excited.

“Class I would like you to meet our new student at Manhattan High!” he said with a little too much enthusiasm.

“Hi, um I'm Henry VII from England.” he said.

All the girls blushed and the boys rolled their eyes. I on the other hand I didn't blush at all. He didn't impress me. To me he was just another regular guy in my class.

The end of the period bell rang and we all went back to our lockers. We all ran back to get our things and all the girls surrounded Henry, except me. He looked terrified. I felt bad for him, but then the feeling went away sooner then it came. Henry looked at me, then quickly looked away once James came up and hugged me.

“Hi James”, I said shyly, noticing that Henry was still looking at me. James also noticed and turned me around and kissed me. But it wasn't a kiss it was gross and wet and disgusting, it felt like my face was being licked by a dog.

-James what the hell? I screamed and I stormed out of the class my face as red as a tomato.

-Just wanted to give you a kiss!” He pleaded as if he were innocent.

Guilty that's all I thought.

Henry quickly looked away; his cheeks were burning red. But I didn't know whom he was embarrassed for him staring, or for my sake. But either way he chased me out of the classroom and caught my arm.

“What do you want?”, I said, thinking it was James.

-Nothing, um did I do something wrong?” he said.

-No, it's James my ex- slash-boyfriend, we are on and off,” I said not knowing why I had.

-Oh well you're the only person who hasn't talked to me the whole period,” he said with a look of hurt in his eyes.

-Um yeah well I haven't gotten around to it but since you are here I guess I can, Hi um I'm Bella Clés,” I said.

He smiled.

“That's a nice name, a new one, I've never heard it,” he said honestly.

Then out of no where the end of the hallway doors open and in comes Cameron Cabri. She's as well-respected as she is feared. She looked at me as she walked by. She had just come back from Europe, the beaches in Europe to be precise; she had a tan like no other. Perfectly golden blonde hair, and a mind that had seen and done many things that ours hadn't. She walked up to Henry, pushed him against the lock and said:

-Hi! I'm Cameron, Cameron Cabri, my dad owns A

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Allen said...
on Jan. 6 2009 at 12:23 am
This was great. What happened to the rest of the story? It got cut off.


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