October 13, 2008
By Anonymous

School is goes by so fast. Within a month, you don't know what happened. I mark my months by special little events, like the yogurt explosion month, the Moon month, and the boyfriend month. I had never ever wanted to name that month that, but I did.

That month, I gained a companion, a love, and a trusting friend. In highschool, duh, everybody is dating. I had never gone out before. So it was the most amazing thing. My best guy-friend, Robert, had said simply,
"Do you want to go to the football game tonight?"

I was already going, but I didn't tell him that. This had to be perfect. I said I'd meet him there.
So when I got to the football game, all dressed up in school spirit colors, I ran up a hill to get a better veiw. I spotted him looking around, I hoped with all my heart that he was looking for me. I ran down the hill as fast as Bambi away from the hunter.(By the way, I've never seen that, but I propable should)
"Hey, I was looking for you, Nancy." He smiled.
"As was I."

We stared into eachothers eyes for what seemed like eons, I stared into his dark brown eyes. A pool of chocolate, or so they reminded me. He stared into my perfect blue contact-coated eyes.
"Wanna get something to eat?"

He broke our staring contest.

As we statched our hotdogs and Cokes, we came up to a group of our friends. We started to talk in a way that made me feel good to be alive. Like I had friends who would be there for me.

As we entered the stadium, a hair-sprayer guy, who reminded me so much of a drug dealer, started spraying guys' hair to be all different colors. Robert refused to get his dyed, but when he turned his back, his head turned purple.
"God, Ben, what dont you understand about 'dont spray my head'?"
"Let's do your girlfrind, eh, Rob?"
"Oh, no, dont spray-"

And they sprayed my hair. As I srceamed in panic, Robert put his arm around me and whispered some calming words into my ear. Then he kissed my temple. Wow, he was fast, but I didn't complain.
That was the night that the chocolate unicorns from Mars came to get us. But we would be ok because I had Robert at my side. The chocolate unicorns might sound tastey, which boy they are, buy they are also decendants of hitler, the Unicorn King. Well, as long as I kept waking up, I still had a chance to live, love and prosper.

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