What A Day

September 26, 2008
By Anonymous

As I awoke from my bed this morning I began to start my daily routine. Get up, wash my face, brush my hair, and take a knee and thank the man. Looking into the mirror it was funny because I could have sworn that yesterday I seen my face. As I began to brush my teeth I realized that I had been given the powers of “INVISBILITY”. It was cool because now I could skip school taunt the most fearing bully at Atlanta High “FIGHTING FREDDY”. Now I know what some of you are thinking why mess with the “no-brainer” well when your 5”4 and a freshman at Atlanta High I think you would do the same. After awhile of sleeping and cheering I had realized Mom would not be back until 7:00pm so I mustn’t stay invisible for long. My next plans were to sit down and plot out the events that would take place of “MY BEST DAY EVER”, but before I did all of that I had to get something to eat. As I walked in Nikos’ Pizza place I could smell the aroma of thin crust and pepperoni everyone now normally I would pay for pizza but being the invisible person I am I decided to take two slices. Walking out of that pizza place had me thinking “what if I stay like this” and then it hit me old man Sam knew how to reverse curses so I must get to him before 7:00pm but before that I had a little business to take care of with “FIGHTING FREDDY”. I knew this would be the day that Freddy would pay for his cruel and mean tricks he had been bulling freshman’s far too long and today he would pay for it. As I made my way towards him bulling another student I started to plan my first attack. “Give me your money” he said with a raspy voice “No way man” screamed the helpless boy but before he could get another word our Freddy drew back and gave the boy a blow he would never forget he stood getting ready for the next but before Freddy could even draw his fist back I came out of nowhere with a lock he couldn’t escape then I tied him up just before the principal could make it and placed him on the highest part of the school tree and walked claimed Savior… it was almost 7:00pm and I had to get back so I sprinted towards old man Sam……………. TO BE CONTINUED…..

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