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November 1, 2007
By Nathan Schnell, Richmond, VA

Walking down the street, coming home from work, I walk down an alleyway taking a shortcut to get home. I reach my house the lights are all off expect for my parents room, which emits a bright ray of light, and the cars are not in the driveway. I walk inside the house it is eerily cold. I release a breath it comes out in a white, wisp cloud. I approach the staircase the house seems dead like all the life is sucked out of it. I walk up the stairs gently placing my hand on the rail it is freezing like someone just took it out of the freezer. I get up the stairs and everything seems oddly normal, as if there is nothing wrong. I walk into my room and turn on my light. The light bulb shines brightly for a few seconds and then explodes. That is strange; I just replaced the bulb yesterday. I think to myself. I walk out of my room and into the hallway, creeping up to my parent’s room. As a pass the bathroom I notice the mirrors are cracked. I approach my parent’s door. I see the light emanating from underneath the door. I reach for the doorknob and feel intense heat radiating from the knob. I place my hand on the door itself and pull it back suddenly; the heat is like that of the sun. I go into the bathroom and reach for a towel, that’s odd the room shouldn’t be that hot I think. I use the towel to protect my hand, I open the door…FLASH a beam of ultra bright light hits me right in the eyes temporarily blinding me. I turn away waiting for my vision to come back. I walk into the room, the walls and floor is red, a bright red, and a sickly red. I look around and I see a grotesque half crocodile, half lion, and half human thing munching on what looks like my decapitated dad. Sickened I start to back away. But I suddenly stop. I notice my mom hanging upside down twisting from a red candy stretchy like rope. And then I see him the red man the man that every Christian or Catholic warns you about, not the devil, but the Demon.

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