Rock, Paper, Scissors

September 24, 2008
One Friday, a rock was lying on the ground, looking up at the skies. The rock lay there all afternoon, wondering if he’ll ever find a friend. He has been there for many days, cold and lonely.

As the rock lay there, a piece of paper was flying through the air in every direction. The paper flew past the rock several times until they noticed each other. Finally, the paper landed on the rock, covering it. The rock now had a friend.

Two days had passed, and the piece of paper and the rock were still lying on the ground. Then all of a sudden two giant feet stood beside them. A child picked up the paper and cut it with his scissors. The poor rock lost his best friend.

The next day, a dog found the rock and put it in its mouth. The scissors lay there on the ground. Suddenly, when the dog realized that the rock was not food, he spit it out and crushed the scissors.

The rock laid there on top of the scissors, and the piece of paper cut in half, laid on both sides of the rock and scissors. Paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper, and rock beats scissors. Amazing how all of this happened in the schoolyard. Now the rock has no friends, and he looks up to the skies hoping for another rock to be his friend.

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