The Outcry in the Quiet

September 24, 2008
By Madisen Dancer, Jonesboro, AR

Is the library really a quiet place? To some, to you and to many, many others, it very well is. The only sounds you might find are those of people shhing violently at mild and unnoticeable conversations. There are signs everywhere ordering you to have your cell phones securely off and out of sight. It is a public place and these are just mild suggestions but some of those librarians take their job to be a keeper of a quiet and sacred place very seriously.
But no matter how quiet us humans are it cannot stop the raging babble of narrators and hero’s surging through my head like a massive river at all hours of the night and day. And this ever constant current is just happening in your local library—it’s everywhere! I can’t even sleep if a book is in the other room! And whether I can see the book is irrelevant. If you walk past me with a copy of Gone with the Wind in your bag Scarlett O’Hara will begin to whisper through me, filling me with her immortal story.
Yes, sometimes it can get hard. Sometimes it really actually sucks out loud. I might forget that I’m talking to you and start talking to your copy of 1984. Or, in some cases I’ve even forgotten who I was, lost in someone else’s story more adventurous and exciting than my own. Who knows? This might not even be my own story, I might just be ‘borrowing it’, as I like to say. It’s easy to slip on someone else’s character and pretend it’s you that isn’t real. And sometimes, if you’re like me, it’s better not being you anyways.

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