September 29, 2008

Ahh! Marty lost grip because off someone’s clumsy mistake. Then Marty slowly ascended through freezing cold water. Suddenly there amidst shadows lurked many spiders were coming from a house that creaked and moved side to side.

Marty got out of the cold water he had fallen into the pool in the back of the house. All the spiders climbed up him but they slid of because he was wet and cold. The spiders did not like that he was cold.

He when to open the door to the house he heard a noise so he was scared to go into the house. As he was thinking of how to get out of the house his friend came rolling out. His fingers were hanging by a thin peace of skin. “What happened?” asked Marty! Kyle said it was all dark, I could not see. I was feeling around to find a light switch. I found a light switch; well at least I thought it was. So I flipped it up and it was a loud noise. I jumped and tripe on a chair. I fell into a sink and my fingers went into the garbage despoil. And now my fingers are just hanging.

Kyle was telling the story of what had happened wile they tried to get out of the house. It was like a maze trying to get out. Kyle and Marty where panicking because they could not find how to get out. After hours they got out of the house, after being in the dark, with things poking out on them, and them being scared. They got in the car Kyle was screaming he hurt so badly. They rushed to the hospital but the traffic was stop and goes half way there.

Then he started to speed. He got poled over. IV got to go; Kyle has to get to the hospital. The police man escorted then to the hospital. Where there I said! Kyle did not respond I looked at him he did not have a pulse. I ran into the ER.

Help there is a guy in the car and he is not breathing! They went to the car they got him out and rushed him in. they checked Kyle out and I called his parents. They came as soon as they herd. It turns out he had an enlarging heart! His heart got to big and he died. Before we found out why he died I thought why I let Kyle go into the house alone. Why did we go to the house any way? But it all had changed when I had herd what had happen. I cried for hours and I said I will never for get him. He was like a brother to me I could never forget that day. Going into the house and the ride to the hospital.

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