September 29, 2008
By Anonymous

As I sit here, questioning what will become of humanity, I feel I should write my story. If this ever ends, you know more about this than I do. I still question what these things are. Man made, but not bionic or human. All I know is that it killed everyone in an entire mountain village. Men, women, children, all dead. This is the story of mankind’s greatest threat.

It all started 13 and a half hours ago, in a mansion we were sent to investigate in the rocky mountains. Apparently, there was an unlocated mansion in the mountains that was never recorded by anyone in data. The only things I had on me was scotch, a gun, a lighter, and some cigarettes. I was unprepared for the living hell I was heading towards. I felt tense, but not scared. We were supposed to investigate a bloody homicide made there which started out really normal. By the time we got here, there was an ambulance, a priest, and about two cops. I had a bad feeling in my gut since a priest was there. That always meant some crap about the devil or Armageddon was involved, which just creeped me out. When we reached the body, my partner, detective Washington was in shock and awe. All I could was throw up all over the victim. That got me on the cops bad side.
”Buddy, believe me, I want to do the same thing, but try not to look at it.”
said Washington. It was disgusting and gruesome, but it wasn’t the most gory thing we had ever seen. We had to go to the actual area 51 one time (no aliens there,) but there were corpses from a torture chamber that looked like a man who was crumpled up like a newspaper. I had to go to a private therapy after which. I had noticed there were teeth marks on the victim, but they were incredibly dull. They almost looked like someone stabbed them with a spoon. The body had an ID tag on him though. It said V.I.R.U.S., which I didn’t know what that meant for. Before It started, I noticed that to this hour, a man cloaked in dark sunglasses and a tuxedo was writing something down. He had to be half Asian or something like that. He had a tag that read M.

After about 20 minutes up there, all I knew was I wasted my time up here. In the end we just figured it was all just a murder made by a wildcat or such. I don’t know why someone would be dumb enough to provoke wildlife like that, especially since this guy had to be at least 56 years old.
Plus, this is a mansion surrounded by metal fencing, and a wild animal wouldn’t have a reason to climb over it. There was even a town behind this grand estate so no wildlife would have much reason to slaughter a man up here. All of a sudden, the priest came running out of the mansion screaming, “IT’S A SIN AGAINST NATURE!” and then it came out of the house. A bloodcurdling sound, that I can’t even describe bellowed out of the creatures mouth. It had no hair, it was drenched in blood, it’s skin was decaying brown. It’s most terrifying feature though, was it’s soul less eyes. They were white, pitch white like snow. They were hostile and chilling, with it’s eye’s on its prey, it pounced. Drenching us all in blood and making gut wrenching chewing sounds, I knew one of us was next. Right when my fingers encased the pistol handle, three shots were fired. M was determined to kill whatever the hell that was.

The creatures were pouring out like crazy out of the mansion now since the smell of blood lingered in the air. There had to be at least 40 or 50 of those things coming out of the windows, killing officers, paramedics, and almost everyone there except for M, Washington, and me. We all ran into an ambulance as M took the wheel and we both got in the back. As the van started, we all careened down the street out of the manor. As we drove away from the things that were chasing us, we noticed a terrible mistake we had made. We were too frantic to close the courtyard’s gate. Hundreds and hundreds of creatures were pouring out now, and they were all going out into the village. They were latching onto people at a gas stations and tearing off there limbs, which was very unpleasant to watch. I crept down under a medical bed, as I couldn’t stand watching this anymore. All I could here were screams and guns firing, because the SWAT had to have gotten involved by now. Unfortunately not even they were a match for what those spider like things. M had told us there was a good chance that b the time this reached the government we would all be screwed. When something like this happens, were either blocked out or bombed, so we have to get the hell out of here! After we got out of an underground tunnel, we had to be at least 17 miles away from the incident. When we got at a stopping point, we heard something that you never want to hear again once you’ve heard it. It was the screech of the monster. Now my partner’s dead, an entire village is destroyed, and I’m typing this in an abandoned cabin. M is phoning help, and I’m just writing the unspeakable evil that was wreaked today. If you’re reading this, you know more about this than I do.

The author's comments:
Anyway this is my first teenink piece thing but I would appreciate creative critisizm.
My inspiration for this would come from "The house of the dead" arcade game.

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