September 29, 2008
By Sylvia Baez, Wernersville, PA

He looks at me with his large gray eyes smiling. His smile captures my heart like a pirate captures a ship. He takes my hand in his large, warm hand and holds it. My heart starts to beat like crazy.

I try to calm my heart but looking at his black hair makes it worse. He says something but all I hear are deep brass bells ringing the most beautiful song I’ve heard. He lets go of my hand and lets it fall limply by my side.

He walks down the hall and everything is dark without his smile to brighten it. My heart drops to the pit of my stomach and shatters. I’m too numb to pick up the pieces and fix it. I hear someone call my name from behind. I don’t even turn to look behind.

Feeling hopeless and numb I walk mindlessly into the darkness

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