The Snow Queen turned into a penguin.

September 12, 2008
By Anonymous

The fairies were laughing at me! Again! I growled at them and picked up my long skirt. "I'll show you!" I shouted to them, covering them in snow. I stuck out my tongue watched them struggle. I pulled my hood up over my blue-white hair and crossed my ice blue eyes. I trudged up the hill to my igloo.

"Farious!" I mumbled, my hands glowing like an aqua lantern. I slowly lit the candles with my magic and settled down for bed.

Stupid fairies, thinking they can create more winter magic than me, the Snow Queen. Tears fell from my eyes, except they turned into glass on my cheeks. They shattered once they hit the ground.


I woke up with a jolt. It was really strange, too, I saw in black and white! I tried to light the candles but I couldn't. I had flippers! I had turned into a penguin! Those fairies actually cursed me!

I gasped, but it came out like a squeak.

Oh those fairies are going to get it now! Once I turn into myself, I'm putting a curse on them! I waddled outside my igloo and searched for them. There they were, laughing, and sprinkling fairy dust around. They were flying around, clutching their bellies. I snapped at them, making them laugh some more. I lost my balance and came down with a "thwap!" on my belly and slid down into the ocean.

I had amazing swimming skills in the water! And I was fast! I went after fish to eat, because I was starving. I surfaced, and the fairies were still laughing. I squirted water at them, winking when it hit them.

The fairies hissed and the leader, Krystal, flew towards me. "You think you're so smart, just wait. We don't need your magic, we can bring winter." She spat, throwing fairy dust at me. I rolled my eyes and squawked at her. She jumped and glared at me. "Watch it, Phoebe. We can and we will!" She flew off with her fairy posse following her. One stayed behind.

"Don't worry about her, Bee. You know her, always messing with you." Adele patted my head and gave me a kiss. "It wasn't my idea to change you into a penguin. If I had the power, I'd change you back." She gave me a smile and scurried off to catch up with Krystal. I made a pathetic sound and dived again.


I came back to the mainland after a morning and half the afternoon of swimming. The snow was melting. I shook my head and crawled out of the water. Krystal was slowly ruining Antarctica. I waddled towards Krystal and Adele. Krystal ignored me, although I did catch a glimpse of tears in her eyes. Adele came up to me with tears in her eyes, too.

"Krystal!" She shouted, her head falling back. Her head snapped back into place and her bluish skin was slowly getting pinker. "Turn Bee back into the Snow Queen or you'll ruin Antarctica and Earth!" Krystal stared at Adele in shock, her jaw slowly making its way to her feet. I stared at Adele, too. She never spoke that way to Krystal before.

"But...but...but" Krystal couldn't seem to find the words. I sighed, or squeaked.

"NOW, Krystal. Do you want to be responsible of ruining our Planet?" Krystal's tears dried up and she pointed to me. She whispered something and blue smoke covered me. I was lifted up off the ground, my flippers and feet changing into my arms and legs. My slim body returned, and my blue-white hair. I drifted back to Anatarctica and begin the snow. It wasn't softly falling snow, it was "pouring" snow.

Pretty soon Antarctica changed to its snowy winter wonderland. I slowly smiled at Krystal and headed towards my igloo. I stopped and turned around. "It was nice being a penguin for half a day, but next time Krystal, make sure I can still be able to let it snow. You almost flooded Earth."

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