The Legend Of Godiva and Esmerelda

September 20, 2008
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Once upon a time, there was a land called Garden Ville. Garden Ville was full of blossoming flowers, insects, and other living things. The flowers in Garden Ville were bright colors, and they made Garden Ville a beautiful and pleasant place. The grass in Garden Ville was emerald green, and stood only a little bit shorter than the flowers.

The insects in Garden Ville were plentiful, as it was a very popular town and was home to one wise caterpillar named Godiva. Godiva was five inches long, and was dark green
with dark brown orbs. He was old and wise, and was Garden Ville’s adviser and leader.

Godiva lived in a big castle made of twigs and leaves, and was decorated with flowers. He had cooks, and guards, and maids. Godiva enjoyed living his full and healthy life, and loved helped the citizens of Garden Ville.

One beautiful morning, Godiva awoke. The sun was shining brightly, and there was just a touch of the morning’s dew on the grass and flower petals. The castle seemed to glow this morning, and the insects of Garden Ville were noisy and busy.

Godiva slowly opened his eyes. He yawned and smiled. What a lovely morning, he thought as he quietly stepped out of bed, his stubby legs touching the castle floor gently. Godiva squinted his eyes because of the sunlight, and crept downstairs. He was feeling a bit off balance this morning, and his body ached because of his age.

Godiva reached the bottom of the stairs and walked to the front of his castle. He carefully perched himself onto his throne, which was beautifully decorated with roses, and sighed.

“Lovely morning, isn’t it?” asked Hayden, a ladybug who was on guard-duty that morning.
“Yes, indeed.” Godiva answered. Hayden smiled and walked to the front of the castle, ready for his duties.
“Are you ready to hear this morning’s questions?” asked a green grasshopper who helped Godiva run the castle, and was called Rambo. “
Yes, I am ready.” Godiva answered.

Every morning, Godiva sat on his throne while the citizens of Garden Ville asked him for advice. Godiva loved to help, but lately he was beginning to feel too tired for the job.
“Okay,” Rambo replied.
Rambo turned around and hopped out the castle doors.
Claudia, a bee who worked as a maid at the castle, handed Godiva his crown.

“Thank you,” Godiva responded quietly, and he slowly took the crown from her hands.
Godiva lifted the crown up and onto his head. Claudia nodded and flew upstairs to clean.

Godiva’s crown was made of bright colored jewels. It was gold and fit his head perfectly. Godiva sighed. Just then, Rambo appeared in front of him.
“Here is the first questioner,” Rambo acknowledged, gesturing to the black spider beside him.
Godiva nodded, and Rambo hopped to the castle’s front doors, which were just a few feet away from Godiva’s throne.

Godiva saw a line of many creatures behind the lone spider. Godiva lowered his head, giving the arachnid the signal to begin.
“I have just come to this gracious village from afar, and I have been working hard to earn money to buy a house. I have been working for many days and nights, but I don’t seem to be making much of anything.” the creature confessed.

Godiva pondered on this for a moment.
“I suggest you weave your spider silk into blankets, pillows, and other materials and sell your creations.” Godiva implied.
“That’s a fantastic idea,” the ebony spider agreed.
Godiva smiled weakly as the satisfied insect turned and hurried away.

Thirty questions later, Godiva wisdom weighed him down. The king of Garden Ville wished to take a break.
“I wish to answer the rest of these questions later.” Godiva whined with a sigh.
Rambo nodded and then turned to
the crowd.
“Godiva is exhausted and will get to you in a little while.” Rambo announced.
Then he helped Godiva rise from his throne. Rambo held one of Godiva’s arms and led him up the stairs. The ancient caterpillar was left to become dormant.

Just outside the castle doors stood a colorful butterfly named Esmerelda. Esmerelda was a very beautiful butterfly. She had wings that were glistening colors, much
like Garden Ville's flowers. Esmerelda had long antennas the color of ebony and purple glowing eyes. She wasn’t like the other insects waiting outside the castle doors.

Esmerelda wasn’t here to ask for advice. She wanted to see just how wise the famous legendary caterpillar was. Esmerelda was here to test Godiva's wisdom.

Later, Godiva descended down the stairs and opened the castle doors.
Godiva once again become comfortable on his decorative throne, wearing his crown.

First in line was a enchanting butterfly.
“What is your name?” Godiva interrogated.
“Esmerelda,” the metamorphic wonder replied.
“I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new around Garden Ville?” he asked.
“Yes,” Esmerelda replied sweetly.
“Okay, then. What are you here for?” Godiva chimed with a raised eyebrow.

A few moments passed before Esmerelda finally replied, “I am not here to ask you a question. I am here to see if you can pass my test.”
“Test?” Godiva cautioned. “Explain this ‘test'.”
“As you can see, my hands are cupped over each other. Between them is a firefly. If you are so wise, please tell me weather this firefly is alive or dead.” Esmerelda proposed, smirking.

Esmerelda had a plan: If Godiva said that the firefly was alive, she
would gently squish it so that it was dead. But if he said it was dead, Esmerelda would open her hands so that the firefly flew out into the sky.
“Well, you see, it is impossible for me to tell you that.” Godiva chuckled. “It’s the old firefly trick,
isn’t it?”
Esmerelda’s excited mood faded into a somber one. She nodded her head in embarrassment. Godiva laughed again.
“Well, you tried to fool me, and you did.” Godiva declared.
Esmerelda looked at him in astonishment.
“What do you mean? I did not trick you. You passed my test.”
Godiva shook his head.
“You proved me wrong. I never thought I would meet someone wise enough and worthy enough to take my place giving advice. You, Esmerelda, are wise and worthy.” Godiva decided.
"You are free spirited, and by you coming here to challenge my wits, has only made yourself more witty. Thank you for being curious enough to come to Garden Ville." he continued.

He grabbed one of Esmerelda’s front legs and waved it in the air proudly. And with another one of his hands, he took off his gold crown and placed it on Esmerelda’s head.
“I proudly present, your new queen and adviser, Esmerelda!”

And from that day forward, Esmerelda sat on that same throne for the rest of her life, giving advice and answering the creatures' questions, while Godiva rested in the castle, peacefully. Godiva lived in that castle until his death, as Esmerelda’s helper and mentor.

And Garden Ville become home to yet another famous advisor.

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