The Letters

August 13, 2008
By Gina Ailanjian, Fresno, CA

Ring, ring, ring.

“Hello? Yea, I’m up. Okay ill be there soon.”

My best friend Mel was as nervous about our first day of high school as I was. I’ve been planning my outfit for the past month now. Manis and pedis were taken care of, now all that’s left was the actual first day.

“Anya! Time to get ready.”

Mom was worried that I wouldn’t get ready in time. Oh well. I went to the bathroom and as I was walking down the hall I ran into my brother, Aiden, who as usual just into himself seniors... I’m telling you, they think there the poo. My brother was Mr. Clemens High. He pretty much ran that school. Teachers cringed when they saw his name on their list and girls went weak in the knees for him, I have no idea why.

“Get out of my way punk.” This was Aiden’s form of good morning.

“No I need to get ready first.”

“Well, I’m using the shower.”

“Whatever be an a** then.”

“Love you too Anya.”

I grabbed my makeup and ran out of that room as fast as I could. Of course I tripped down the stairs and hit my head on the wall. That’s gonna leave a mark. I thought to myself, and boy it did.

“Sweetheart what hap-“

“Don’t ask!”

“Okay well do you want some breakfast?”

“No, I’m just gonna eat on the way. I’m late enough as it is.”

My mom, Kelly Weilsh was a big shot lawyer and hardcore adolescent probe. If I didn’t eat I was anorexic, if I wore a low cut shirt I was a slut. I had to be clean cut Anya all the time, while Aiden runs around doing God knows what with God knows who, sexist much?

I went up to my room with a granola bar in hand and slipped on my rainbow true religions and a yellow vintage batman shirt. Bangles were click clacking while I picked up my acid orange jansport.

“Hurry up!”

“Just a sec.”

Aiden was threatening to leave me and just pick up Mel. I tossed my blond hair one last time and then walked out of the house. All my friends loved my casa, well I can’t say I blame them. It was pretty awesome. Aiden drove me to Mel’s house so we could pick her up. Melanie Karolyn Laverta has been my best friend since seventh grade. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’m just glad I had her by my side to face Clemens.

We strolled up to her house around 8:15ish. When I got out of the car to get her I stepped in gum! I was so pissed! Wow, this is a great way to start freshman year off. I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. No one answered. Hmmm odd I thought to myself. Then I noticed that the door was unlocked. I walked in as usual and got a very eerie vibe. Like someone had been there that didn’t belong.

“Hello? Hello?”

Even stranger, no answer. Aiden fallowed me in because I was a little worried as we stepped into the dining room we just stood there. The place was trashed. Tables were turned. Pillows busted open, and feathers everywhere. The Monet was thrown across the room. Aiden and I called the cops. In the mean time we made our way up the winding marble staircase. It looked like blood against the white carpet. What we saw next would stay with us for the rest of our lives. Mel was on the ground barely breathing. She had two black eyes and blood ran like a stream from her skull. Here parents were nowhere to we seen. There was an ambulance here in minutes. I rode with her to the hospital trying to keep her conscious. Aiden stayed behind and gave our statement to the cops. This was a day Milson Valley surely wouldn’t forget.

Later that morning the cops gathered that Mel’s father was on business with step mom number three in Hawaii and her mother was in Miami on vacation. I missed that first morning of school and stayed with her until the doctors told me I should get going. As I walked out of the hospital, still trying to piece things together, I just about ran into an elderly woman in a wheel chair.

“Watch it Blondie!”

“Sorry ma’am.”

“It’s okay, Gosh this generation always has their heads in the clouds or some dang electronic thing-a-ma-jig.”

“Do you need some help?”

“Hmmm... well I don’t know, you just almost killed me as it is.”

“Oh yea sorry about that.”

“But sure, company’s always nice.”

“I’m Anya by the way.”

“Anya, now that’s not a name you hear everyday.”

“Yea my mothers whole family lives in Russia, its kind of a family name.”

“Interesting, I’m Susan. Just plain old and simple Susan.”

“So Susan, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you in this wheelchair?”

“Well I took a really nasty spill about two weeks ago and thankfully my grandson Nathan was there or else I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

“This Nathan is a lifesaver then?”

“Yes indeed he is.”

“How old is this Nathan?”

“He is probably around your age. Fifteen?”

“Yes he is then. Here is your room Susan.”

“Thank you for all your help Anya.”

“Anytime. It was nice meeting you.”

“You too.”

As I was walking away I couldn’t help thinking I was being watched. I turned to look but nope, no one there.

I had to walk home from the hospital because Aiden was at football practice. You’d think after my best friend gets attacked someone would pick me up. But no.

After I moved to Milson Valley from Seattle I thought I would never meet any friends, but I did. I know I was young but I was still scared. My father was abusive and my mother couldn’t handle it anymore so we up and left. I’ve been getting really creepy letters from no return address the past few months. I haven’t seen or heard from my father in seven years, Could he be the reason for all the weirdness lately?


I’ve been watching you lately from afar. We will meet again...soon. Very soon! I can hardly wait.

Aiden drove me to school the next day. I walked with Daniel, my ex, to our first class. Thankfully he and I were still really good friends. English, Mrs. DeFraids. This should be interesting. Everyone was staring at me as I walked to my chair. Like I had a disease or something. Then finally Nina started talking to me.

“So Anya, where were you yesterday?”

“Oh stop playing dumb, if you wanna know then just ask.”

“Okay so what happened wi-“

“Miss Kelts is there something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?”

“No Mrs. DeFraids. I’m good.” Nina shot back.

“Okay then, may we move on ladies?”

“Yea.” We both replied in unison.

“Your assignment for today is to read chapters one, two, and three and do study-“


Thank God she was interrupted by the bell.

“Questions one through seven at the end. See you tomorrow. Miss Weilsh? Can I talk to you for a second?”


“I know you what your going through must be hard and if you need anyone-“

“I’m fine Mrs. Defraids, really I am.”

“Well if you need to talk to anyone, I’m here for you.”

“Okay thanks.”

Yeah right, like she actually knows what I’m going through, I thought as I walked out. Like an old dinosaur knows what I’m going through, yeah right. I walked right down “A” Wing where all the jocks, cheerleaders, and preps hang out. Of course right in the middle of all the madness was Aiden. Everyone was staring at me like I was a ghost or something. All I wanted to do was run away crying. I finally got out of there to where all the freshman were. I spun the dial to my locker, 24-34-4 click. And out fell a letter. They had stopped for a while but now they had returned...


We are closer now than ever. See you soon. Your about to encounter a blast from your past. Be ready.

Last year in eighth grade o had a really weird stalker named Clayton. He fallowed me home one day and tried to get in my house but I pulled out pepper spray and called 911. He hit me with a wrench and took a chunk out of my arm. He wouldn’t leave and kept banging on the front door. I was petrified. The police finally came and took him away. No one had seen him since. I didn’t think these letters had anything to do with him until now. I didn’t think it was that big of a dear so I shoved it into my binder with all the others. I would never say it to anyone but I was scared. Mel was the only one I’d told about them. She advised me to tell my mom, or at least a counselor. Maybe that’s what got her into trouble. Was I to blame for her attack? Was I next? Or who is?

The rest of my day was in shambles. I was so scared and apprehensive, everywhere I looked I felt like I was being watched or fallowed and while my back was turned BAM!

“Watch where you’re going.” I said

“Oh I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking.”

“It’s alright.” Brushing off my pants I looked up and saw these gorgeous green eyes. “It was my fault.”

“Oh no it wasn’t. I’m James.”


“Well that’s a very pretty name, for a very pretty girl.”

Blushing, “Thanks, are you new. I’ve never seen you before. I know if I had I would’ve remembered you.”

“Yeah, I just transferred.’

“Well would you like a guided tour by one of Clemens own?”

“I could never turn down a tour by the prettiest girl here.”

James and I walked down “A” Wing and freshman wing, by the locker room, the cafeteria, and the courtyard. We exchanged numbers and then walked to our separate classes.

I couldn’t wait to get home and call… Mel, but then I remembered that she was still in the hospital. I’d go and see her then. After eighth period I walked to Aiden’s car and asked him to take me to the hospital before football practice. He agreed. I walked in the sliding doors and straight to her room. She was finally awake.

“Hey girl.” I said cheerfully.

“What’s going on?”

“Just got done with school.”

“Oh well I just woke up.”

“Yea, well I met this really hot guy today.”

“Yea, well I ate a really hot bowl of soap today.”

“Ha that was a good one. Not.”

“What am I suppose to do, I’m stuck in this rinky-dink hospital all day and night and all I want to do is go home and go to school with you and all of our friends.”

“Your coming tomorrow aren’t you?”

“Yea! I’m so stoked!

With that I walked out and left. Not looking again I ran into Susan.

“Hi Susan.”

“Oh Anya there’s someone I want you to meet.”


“This is my grandson Nathan.”

Right when he turned around I noticed something about him that I recognized…Those gorgeous green eyes.



“I thought your name was Nathan.”

“Well Grandma Susan calls me Nathan, but I go by James.”

“She has told me so many great things about you and I was looking forward to meeting you.”

“You have.”

“Your such an amazing guy and you treat your grandmother great.”

“Well I wouldn’t say great, but I try my best.”

With that I was just so overwhelmed and I leaned forward and kissed him. And to my surprise he kissed me back. It felt like it went on forever and I was on cloud nine. We hung out with Susan for another hour. After that he dropped me off at home and said he would call me later that night. When I got into my house I felt weird.


A bag was over my head and it was dark… very dark. About an hour later it was finally taken off and my hands were taped behind my back, and there was Clayton.

“Anya, why can’t you love me?”

“I don’t even know you Clayton.” Weeping I stated.

“I will never let you leave me again.”

“Someone will find me, I know they will.”

“I doubt it.”

Ring, Ring, Ring.

“Hello.” Clayton answered my phone.

“Uh is Anya there?” It was James.

“Anya won’t be here for a while, she is with the only man that has ever loved her and she won’t ever be coming home ever.”

“Anya, Anya, are you okay? I can hear you so just talk to me.”

“HELP ME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Bye Bye.”

I sat there for five minutes thinking of how I could get through to Clayton and get him to let me go. Nothing.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I love you.”

“No, You lust me.”

He then slapped me in the face. “NO! I love you.”

“Well I don’t love you. Did you do that to Mel?

“Of coarse I did that to Mel.”


“She wouldn’t tell me there you were living now.”

“Wow, when they find you, you’re going to go to jail for a long time.”

“They never will.”

Just then the door bust open and the police came in just when things were starting to get out of control. They arrested Clayton and took me to a safe house. I got interviewed for two hours and then I was let go. When my mother took me home James was there. I ran to him and he embraced me in his arms.

“Thank God your okay.”

Sobbing I replied,”Thank you for helping them trace the call and find me. You have no idea how scared I was. He had a gun and a rope and I thought I was going to die.

“I will always be there for you.”

Since that day James and I have been dating for four years. We graduated this last year and we’re both going to attend Northwestern University in the fall. He saved my life in two ways that day, first from Clayton, and second, he taught me that you can trust again and there are good people out there in the world.

The author's comments:
This piece of writing just came to me and i hope you all enjoy reading it just as much as i enjoyed writing it.

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