The Mermaids 2

August 10, 2008
By Nate Doninger, Louisville, KY

“Come on sisters, we must get ready!” ordered Jenta.

The three sisters, Tiera, Faluna and Jenta, quickly ran through numerous underground tunnels to enter a large dark room.

“Time to lighten things up!” said Faluna. She snapped her fingers and all the lights in the room turned on, showing all of the weapons, brooms, and a gigantic mirror that dominated one wall. The three sisters walked over to the mirror to see their physical physiques. The three sisters could hardly look at their ugly selves. Their hair is one color, their eyes are normal, their nails are short, and their teeth are flat. They can’t bare it any longer.

“Look at us! We are hideous! We need Mermaid magic to restore our beauty!” cried out Tiera.

Her two other sisters agreed. The three sisters each grabbed a big long stick that looked like it was just torn off a tree, but with no leaves and smooth ends. The sticks were thick and had small curves and bumps like a regular stick. The sisters then went to the weapon rack. Once they chose a weapon, the weapon ignited in the fire color of the witch it was held by. Inferno Witches all have different colored fire. Tiera has blue fire, Faluna has silver fire, and Jenta has black fire. The ignited weapon would then disappear.

The sisters chose all sorts of weapons. Swords, bows and arrows, daggers, axes, etc., and then they grabbed some clothes from a near by closet. Once they grabbed some clothes, they went over to the big mirror to try them on. Jenta held up a fully black dress, by the hanger up, to her body. A moment later she lifted the hanger, but the black dress was on Jenta. Faluna put on a navy blue sweater and a silver beret hat. Tiera put on a blue skirt and t-shirt. She then put a blue bandana on to keep her hair from getting into her face.

The sisters then went through more tunnels, carrying their sticks, and climbed up some steps that led to the surface. The island was very small, only a half of a mile long and wide. The sisters then looked at each other and went back underground to the gigantic mirror in the weaponry room.

Jenta held out her hand in front of her and black fire blasted at the mirror. The mirror then stopped reflecting and showed a big fireplace, but no fire.

“Tiera, you go first and find this mermaid. Take your skull to get information on the target.” commanded Jenta. Faluna handed Tiera a small blue skull.

Tiera then faced the fireplace in the mirror and said, “Charleston, South Carolina!” She held out her hand in front of her and blue fire blazed into the mirror. The fireplace in the mirror was lit with blue fire and Tiera walked into the mirror. As she walked through, the mirror space around her began to turn blue. Once she was fully in the mirror, the blue space that was around her body vanished.

Tiera walked out of a mirror in a mirror store. It was daytime, but no one seemed to notice. Tiera quickly hid her broomstick by igniting it, then making it disappear.

Meanwhile, back at The Mermaids fish store, Jenny and I are waiting for Julie to come in. Jenny is cleaning the tanks and I was sweeping the floor. Julie walked in and switched on the electric open sign.

“Hello girls, I got us some breakfast from Moreman Bakery. They have the best bagels and muffins ever!” Jenny and I were familiar with the bakery, for we went there every now and then for some breakfast. Jenny walked over to get some breakfast. I just grabbed a blueberry muffin, and went outside to get the newspaper. Even though Jenny and I have been here for several months, it’s still hard to understand the news. America may have their first woman or black president. The Mermaids’ first woman president was 200 years ago with Queen Yolanda. Then the first colored president was 190 years ago with King Ohlin.

As I was finishing my muffin, a girl came rushing into the store and chanting all kinds of party words. She was listening to a music device and dancing around the store.

“No need for alarm girls, it’s just Kelly. By the way, where are Jordan and Linda? ” asked Julie. She was talking about two employees that got hired when the store’s business sky-rocketed and we need more employees to help run the store with the new addition of koi fish, hermit crabs, and pond supplies like plants and waterfalls.

“They’re around back unloading the truck full of pond supplies.” replied Jenny, finishing her bagel.

Kelly took off her headphones and began to calm down but giving a few hollers at random moments.

“Kelly, you know your not suppose to sneak out of your house when your grounded.” said Julie. Julie explained to us that Kelly is a friend from High School. She’s 30, juts like Julie, but she still lives with her mom because she can’t sustain a job without going into party mode.

“I don’t care, that woman can only punish me, but she can’t stop my party spirit!” Hollered Kelly.

A woman walked into the store and said, “Kelly, I knew you would be here! Disobeying me and your punishment again!” It turns out that was Kelly’s mom. Kelly had black hair that matched her mom’s but Kelly’s blue eyes and innocent look didn’t resemble her mother’s brown eyes and aging look.

Kelly just sat in the chair and pouted as her mother yelled at her.

Kelly’s mom grabbed Kelly’s arm and dragged her out of the store, but saying good-bye to Julie in a polite way. I heard a car drive away and I just looked at Jenny who was looking at me. Jordan and Linda came in and grabbed some breakfast. Julie threw away the to-go bag and sat at the clerk desk. Jordan and Linda went around back to work at the koi fish, and pond supplies. The hermit crabs were able to fit in the store.

The day went on and customers came too Jenny and me for fish advice. At the end of the day, Julie got a chance to open the mail. She opened one letter and began to holler with excitement. I asked what she was hollering about. She said that she is now the official guardian of Jenny and me.

We smiled, but didn’t really know why it was such a big deal. I told Julie that I’m going to run to the bank to get some one dollar gold coins for Jenny and me to use for our water magic.

As I was walking back from the bank with a big back of gold coins, a girl, about my age, approached me with a sweet face. She was wearing a cute blue skirt and blue t-shirt. She had blue eyes, brown hair with a blue bandana, and she asked if I could help her with her bike. I hesitated but I then agreed. She took me over to her bike which was in an alley next to an old pub. The girl said she had to use the restroom and would be right back. I saw her problem was that she needed some air in her tires. I spotted an air pump in a near by trash can. It was in perfect condition, so I don’t know why it was in the garbage.

Tiera walked out of sight by going into the alley on the other side of the pub. Tiera pulled out her blue skull and said into it, “I’ve found a Mermaid!”

The blue skull’s eyes were both an outline of fire. The eyes glew silver, and the skull began to talk in Faluna’s voice, “How do you know it’s her?”

“Because she’s wearing a magic water ring.” said Tiera to the skull.

The skull’s eyes glew black and the skull spoke in Jenta’s voice, “ Excellent work sister, I’ll send some Fire ninjas.”

The blue skull evaporated into the air and Tiera walked back to Meliezja.

I got the girl’s tires pumped up with air she returned. She asked me where I found the pump, and I pointed to a trash can further within the alley. She asked me to stand where I found it. I slowly walked further into the alley where it was pretty dark and only the girl could see me. I stood next to the trash can. The girl then pointed one of her hands at one of the alley walls, and her other hand at the other alley wall. Blue fire then shot out of her hands and created a border. I couldn’t escape! The girl then shot blue fire at the ground behind which rose up to block anyone who might be seeing this happen.

Then ninjas in blue uniforms jumped out of the blue fire border and had daggers and swords in their hands! I was completely scared to death and could only watch as they got closer.

Then, out of nowhere, arrows flew down from the sky and shot down three ninjas. Then a lady in a purple dress with a purple scarf that went behind her head and wrapped around her wrists. She had black hair and a pale face. She had purple-colored finger nails and toenails. She had a bow in her hand.

She landed softly on the ground and reached behind her, as though she was reaching for an arrow, and suddenly purple fire ignited out of nowhere and took the form of an arrow. The purple fire disappeared and the lady was then holding a solid arrow! She shot it at another ninja behind me. More ninjas, however, began to spring out of the blue fire border.

The lady put both of her hands in the middle of the bow and the bow was ignited in purple fire. The purple fire then changed shape into a long sword. The purple fire disappeared and the lady began to swing and slash the sword around. She did a few flips and spins, which were amazing to watch, and got rid of that round of ninjas. However, more popped out.

The sword was then ignited in purple fire and took the shape of twin blades, one in each hand. She did lots of spins and tricks with the two swords and defeated all of those ninjas. Before more could come, she put her twin blades together which ignited into purple fire. It changed shape into a long, body length-wise, stick. It had smooth edges and no leaves, but it looked like a regular stick. It was nice and thick, and the lady swung the stick around. A massive, what seemed to be, wind force blasted all around and the blue flame border was suddenly extinguished.

The lady the put her stick in one hand and put her other hand out in front of her, towards the girl who shot out the blue fire. The lady shot out a surge of purple fire from her hand. The girl tried to make a blue fire shield, but the purple fire easily broke through it and knocked the girl backwards. Before the girl hit the ground, though, she ignited into blue fire and disappeared.

There was a moment of silence. The lady then turned to me and said, " Are you alright?"

I was completely in shock, but I managed to nod.

She then helped me back up to my feet, for I had fallen of the force from when she extinguished the blue flame border. She looked at me with a smiling face and said, "Do you know who I am?"

I nodded and said, “Faireanna Metallama.”

She nodded and said, “Your safe now. I’ll will take you home.”

She lowered the wall that the girl raised to stop me from escaping. As we were walking home I began to talk to her, “Did you kill that girl?” I asked.

“Oh no, it will take more than a little fire to kill a Cretin. I just scared her away.”

“What’s a Cretin?” I asked.

“They are a family of three Inferno Witch sisters. The one you faced was the youngest, Tiera at age170. Faluna is her older sister at age 210 but Jenta is the eldest sister at age 320. Witches live for a very long time. Anyway, their parents left them on a forsaken island, but that didn’t stop them from reeking mischief. That family is known to all Inferno Witches.”

“Why are you fire colors different?”

“It has to do with just the way us witches were created. No witch has the same color as another witch, until they die. So if I died, then another witch, being born, would become the Inferno Witch of Purple Fire. Tiera has blue fire, Faluna has silver fire, and Jenta has black fire.”

“If they are no men in your species than how do you keep up your population numbers?”

“Through rituals. Inferno witches possess more powers than playing around with fire. It’s complicated to understand.”

“How do you do that thing with the changing weapons and arrows out of nowhere?”

“Our broomsticks not only help us fly, but they are also a whole weaponry in one. The arrows are just created out of fire, if you splashed water on them, they would disappear. Same with Inferno Witches. Water is one of very few things that kills Inferno Witches, which is why are species are enemies with your species. I broke tradition and became an assassin to aid Mermaids on ground. Well here we are.”

We were standing in front of the fish store. She gave me a hug good-bye and grabbed the end of her broomstick with both of her hands. She raised it up and began to fly. Her body faded away into the air and she was gone. I walked back into the fish store and saw Julie, Jenny and Kelly.

As I was walking in, Julie was saying to Kelly, “Kelly why do you always sneak out when you get grounded? Just wait it out until you can be freed of your punishment. Oh hello Meliezja.”

I waved to Julie and walked over to the table and split the number of gold coins I got. While I was making the numbers even, I told Julie and Jenny about what happened with Faireanna and Tiera. Kelly just kept listening to, what Julie says are called, her ipod.

To Kelly’s dismay, her mother came rushing in and said, “Kelly this is the last straw, I’m going to tie you up and lock you in your room with a diet of spinach and prune juice!” After more yelling, Kelly’s mother dragged Kelly into her car and drove off.

"When did she start coming here?" Jenny asked after locking the back door.

"Well before you all started here, she worked here. However, she was caught at a dance party that her mother forbid her to go to. Since then she was grounded and she just keeps get grounded until finally she began to wait it out, but on the last week of her four month punishment, she came here today."

"Why did she sneak out on the same day she was punished?" I asked.

"Who knows?" responded Julie.

Julie then left after taking care of the mail. Jenny and I locked-up and went back to our room and went to sleep.

The next day was Saturday and the store was closed on Saturdays. Jenny and I got to sleep in and Julie only comes in if there is an emergency. About 10:00a.m. Jenny and I got out of bed and began to wonder around the fish store.

Jenny and I decided to head over to Moreman Bakery for some breakfast. As we walked in, I said, “Hi Claire.”

Claire was the owner and baker of the Bakery.

Claire was baking some bagels and waved back to us. Claire grabbed the pan out of the oven and began to say, “Ow, hot, hot, hot!” She put it down a metal rack on a counter. “Hi girls.” said Claire. She was walking over to the cash register, but slipped on the wet floor, but kept her balance by swinging her arms around.

Claire was so free-wiling and fun that she could brighten up anyone’s day. “So what can I get you girls?”

“Oh I’ll just have a slice of coconut cake and a sugar doughnut.” said Jenny.

“Ooo, Someone has a sweet tooth!” replied Claire, grabbing a sugar doughnut from the display. “What about you Meliezja?” asked Claire, slicing the coconut cake.

"Oh, I'll just get a blueberry muffin." I said, not feeling to hungry.

Claire gave Jenny her slice of cake and doughnut and gave me my muffin.

"That'll be $8.48, girls." said Claire, standing by the cash register.

Jenny paid for breakfast since I paid for the golden coins. We said good-bye to Claire as she put on her smile face apron and put some bread dough on a pan and then put it in an oven.

We ate our breakfast as we walked back to the store, and when we got to the front of the store, Faireanna was sitting on a wooden barrel next to the front door. She had her big broomstick in one of her hands and was looking out at the ocean, for the store was next to the beach.

I ate the last bit of my muffin and ran over to Faireanna. "Faireanna, is it safe to walk around with that broomstick of yours?" I said, looking around to see f anyone was watching us.

"Humans can't see me if I don't want them too. But you're not human, so I can't hide from you two, and neither can the Cretin sisters."

Jenny had powdered sugar all over her mouth and went inside to wash her face off.

I stayed outside with Faireanna, talking about what's going to happen.

"Do they know that I live at this store?" I asked, a little chilled from the wind.

"Probably not. Tracking is the hardest part of the hunt. However, I suggest you don't make too many friends or else they will be able to attack your mind and heart. It's how Jenta got a Mermaid last time. She was 19 and she was hunting a Mermaid who was, how do I say, too social. Jenta was able to find her in a blink of an eye. The Mermaid, however, was well trained and knew a lot about Inferno Witches, including the weakness of water. That didn't stop Jenta, though. She killed her family, friends, even pets until the Mermaid had no will to live and begged for death."

"What benefit do they get from stealing Mermaid magic?"

"Their beauty." replied Faireanna, taking a big sigh after her response.

"What did you look like before?"

Faireanna looked at me and said, "I had a purple and pink-like hair. My skin was flawless and tan. My eyes were the glow of the sun. My smile radiated wherever I went. Although, know that I look back, I don't think I looked that beautiful. You see, witches have different perspectives on beauty. Over time, if a witch doesn't keep living on Mermaid magic, their beauty turns human, which witches find completely repulsive."

"I think you're beautiful." I said, trying to brighten up Faireanna's self image.

“Oh, thank you child, but my beauty doesn’t matter to me anymore. I have better things to take care of.”

I smiled back at Faireanna. However, in split second, Faireanna lost her smile and looked towards the city.

“What is it?” I asked, wondering what was coming.

“Faluna! Get inside and stay there!” Faireanna pushed me into the store and shut the door. Jenny came rushing over when I told her about Faluna coming. Jenny and I looked out the front window and watched as Faluna approached the store. She was flying just like Faireanna did, by holding both of her hands at the end of her broom stick and pointing it in the direction she wanted to fly.

Faluna was wearing a strange blue sweatshirt and a silver beret hat. She had reddish-brown hair and was wearing silver slacks.

Faluna landed a several feet in front of Faireanna. I then saw Julie pulling up in her car. I was wondering why she wasn't stopping, but she just kept on driving towards the two witches. I then remembered that Faireanna said that humans don't see witches if the witches don't want them too.

Julie's car passed through Faluna's body as though she was made of air. Julie got out of her car, and Jenny and I began to scream, “Get out of there! Get in here!”

She looked at us with a confused face. However, Faluna blasted silver fire from her hand and Julie’s car exploded! Jenny and I ducked as car parts soared through the window. Faireanna then appeared in the air next to us and dropped Julie down on the ground. Faireanna’s body then faded away and she appeared back out in front of the store.

Jenny, Julie and I ran for Jenny’s and my bedroom. We locked the door and waited. We heard explosions and things being broken. Jenny quickly soaked the door in water and said that Faluna won’t be able to get in.

Julie, however, was very interested in what was happening and acted like a bystandered watching Jenny and me waiting for Faluna. We heard Faluna walk towards the door, but the door didn’t budge. However, the wall next to the door blew up and Faluna stood where the wall just was.

“Wow! Did not see that coming!” said Julie in excitement.

I grabbed Julie and jumped out the window right as Faluna scorched the room. Jenny threw some water into the room, but it had no effect since Faluna blasted the wall open and walked out unharmed. Jenny, Julie, and I ran but she trapped us with a silver fire border.

Then Faireanna appeared in midair and kicked Faluna right in the face. Faluna flew back and crashed back into the store. Faireanna said to join hands and be ready to Heat Jump. Faluna flew at us full charge and fired an arrow. However, Faireanna, Julie, Jenny, and I ignited in purple fire and disappeared.

I felt us traveling fast. Everything was a huge blur and the temperature was so hot. I was past sweating and onto sweltering. I then hit solid ground and lifted my head to see Julie and Jenny on the ground next to me. Faireanna was standing up and looking around.

I picked myself up and helped Julie and Jenny up. Then we saw that Julie's purse had Faluna's arrow in it. Faireanna quickly disposed of it but Faluna already found us. Silver fire ignited from thin air and took the form of Faluna's body. The silver fire disappeared and Faluna stood there with her broomstick in her hand.

I then reached into my sling purse and grabbed a golden coin. I noticed that we weren't in Charleston. We were next to the crater of a volcano. There was the ocean over to the side. I ran over to the cliff edge and threw my coin into the ocean. Faluna shot silver fire to try to push me off, but Faireanna created a purple force field to protect me.

I saw my ring glow and rubbed it. The ocean pulsed once with a curve light blue line. I then brought up some water and flung it at Faluna. She, I guess, heat jumped and appeared a few feet away from where she was.

Faireanna just shot herself at Faluna and they broke out into a broomstick combat battle. I then heard something shot out of the ocean. It was Maramius! She had already turned into a human and asked what was wrong. I pointed at Faluna and Maramius said to wait where I was. Maramius broke up the combat battle and punched Faluna, with some water at the ready. Maramius told Faireanna to get Julie, Jenny, and me to safety.

Faireanna grabbed Julie, Jenny, and me. However, I wanted to watch Faluna get beat by Maramius. So Faireanna took us up into the sky. Faireanna was holding onto Julie, who was holding onto Jenny, who was holding onto me, keeping all of us aloft.

I watched how Faluna was dodging all of Maramius’ attacks. However, Faluna knocked Maramius down by tripping her. She then began to blast Maramius back until she was at the edge of the crater. The lava was active and hot. I wanted to help, but Faireanna wouldn’t go down.

I heard Faluna say, “This is just a sample of true Inferno Witch power.”

Faluna pointed her hand towards the water coming over the edge to assist Maramius and the water froze in midair and Maramius couldn’t get anymore water. Faluna stuck her tongue out and I saw an eye open on Faluna’s tongue! The eye beamed a stream of light at Maramius’s head and her Mermaid Magic was drained and went into Faluna.

Faluna began to to smile and dance in her place. Her reddish-brown hair turned into long silver hair. All of her teeth turned sharp, her eyes turned into eyes like a cat’s, her skin tone changed to a dark tan, and her tongue turned into a forked silver tongue.

Maramius didn’t look any different, but she looked drained and exhasusted. Faluna showed Maramius mercy and began to walk away, but Maramius pciked up a rock and threw it at Faluna’s head. It nailed her right on, and Faluna stopped in her tracks.

Maramius stood up and had her fists at the ready. Faluna took a few back steps and said, “Oh, for your family’s sake, I wish you hadn’t done that, but it’s your death wish.”

Faluna then quickly spun around and vigorously back-hand slapped Maramius on the side of her head. However, due to the inhuman force of the slap, Maramius’s head was blasted right off her neck. Maramius’s head fell into the active lava, and the rest of Maramius’s body fell into the lava as well. Faluna gave out an evil laugh, ignited in silver fire, and vanished.

I began to cry out for Maramius. Tears were rapidly coming out of my eyes. My sister was just murdered by a witch. Faireanna heat jumped us back to the fish store. She let us down on the ground and before she left, she gave me a very weird looking whistle and said to call if I ever needed her help. Then she faded away without saying another word.

I began to cry harder when Faireanna left. She reminds me of the wisdom of my sisters. After a long while, I guess my eyes ran out of tears and I couldn’t cry anymore, but I did cry enough to make small puddles on the ground.

I began to settle down and tried to take my mind off of it. I stood back up and walked into the fish store. Only one tanks was shattered and it didn’t even have any fish in it. All of the other tanks seemed fine, but front door and front window were both shattered to pieces. Julie checked around back and everything was still doing well. Jenny went to check our room, and besides the big hole in the wall and debris on the ground, all of the items in our room were still in contact.

Jenny went ahead to feed the fish and Julie put up a sign on what is left of the front wall saying that the store is closed for reconstruction. I just sat down and looked at the table, trying to forget what happened.

After Jenny was done feeding the fish and Julie was done opening the mail, I began to get up and just walked around the store, looking at all of the fish. Until, Kelly came screaming in and jumping up and down.

Julie pulled Kelly’s headphones out of her eyes and said, “Why are you here?”

“Because I love coming here! So much energy!” responded Kelly.

“Kelly I’m sorry but we’re not in the mood right now. One of Meliezja’s sisters passed away.” explained Julie.

Kelly looked at me and said, “ Aww, sorry for your loss, but now let’s move on and I say we go out for pizza!”

I looked at her like she was the craziest girl on earth and said, “Kelly, I just, I don’t know. I want to be left alone.”

“Oh but come on! So you lost your sister, you have a few seconds to mourn,” Kelly looked at her watch and waited a few seconds and continued, “ Ok now, let’s go out for pizza!”

“You just don’t get it do you! Life isn’t a party!” I hollered back at her.

Kelly stopped smiling for once, took my hands, and said in a calm voice, “Ok , Meliezja, I know you lost someone dear to you, but is this where you think they want you to be? Your sister is probably up in Heaven, bragging about how her sister is going to stand back up and be positive, unlike most people. Your sister wouldn’t want you to sit around all day mourning. No, your sister wants you to continue your life and not to be drained by a tragic memory. You know, what I just said has to be the only thing I’ve learned from my mom.”

I took in what Kelly said and lifted my head up. I then said, “Ok, let’s make plan. Let’s line up.”

Julie, Jenny, and even Kelly lined up, shoulder to shoulder, and waited to hear my plan.

“Ok here’s what I was thinking. First, Kelly, go home before your mother shoots you. Jenny, I want you to come with me to be the bait. Julie, find Faireanna and tell her that it is time for operation Wash Out! You can find her by using this whistle.” I gave Julie the whistle, Jenny came over and stood by me, and Kelly saluted me and went running home.

Julie blew the whistle and Faireanna faded into appearance, in mid-air, right outside the store. Jenny and I ran for the city and Julie told Faireanna that it is time for operation Wash Out. Faireanna knew what I meant for I explained to her a plan to defeat Inferno Witches the time that she was explaining why witches need Mermaid Magic for beauty and stronger power.

Jenny and I waited in the city for a long time. It got dark really soon and Jenny and I went over to the street that had the ocean right next to it.

Then, Faluna appeared and said, “Who wants to be next?”

“I do!” I hollered, beginning to fuel myself with rage.

“Well then, it looks like three on one. Yes I know your hiding Faireanna.” Faluna stretched out her pointing finger and a burst of silver fire shot at car which was blown off the street and went crashing into a store. Faireanna was hiding behind the car.

“Let’s make the odds fair.” said Faluna. She clapped her hands and the young witch, Tiera, appeared to Faluna’s left, and I’m guessing Jenta appeared to Faluna’s right.

The three witch sisters had their broomstick weapons at the ready. Jenny and I casted gold coins into the ocean and Jenny rubbed her ring, and the same light blue curved line pulsed quickly through the water.

I manipulated some water and waited for the first move. The three witch sisters each ignited their broomsticks in their own fire color and the broomsticks turned into bows. Arrows were created out of fire and were ready to fire. Faireanna stood next to Jenny and me and held her broomstick in one hand and had her other hand ready to cast.

Then, Tiera fired the first arrow and I swiped the water at it. the arrow evaporated into steam and more arrows began to shoot at us. Jenny and I evaporated the arrows with water and Faireanna hit the arrows away with her broomstick.

Suddenly, two mermaids bursted out of the ocean water. They were two gaurds from the palace. They told us to find a place to hide while they held them off. However, instead of running away, Faireanna suggested that she would fight all three of them while Jenny and I would try getting the witches splashed with water, but we decided not to do it in fear of the water hitting Faireanna.

As we looked back at the two guards, they were both on the ground. Tiera's hair was long and blue, and she had the same facial features as Faluna, with sharp teeth, dark tan, forked tongue, and vertical eyes. However, Jenta had a very long black hair with white strips. Her skin turned pale, her teeth grew larger than her two sister's, her eyes not only turned vertical, but her eyelids turned sideways. Dresses then appeared on the sisters, each dress corresponding with the witch's fire color.

The three sisters then began to heat jump around everywhere, firing arrows at wherever they appeared, and then disappearing again. Jenny and I gave up on evaporating the arrows and I told Jenny to get Julie out of here and Faireanna and I would try to defeat these witches. As Julie and Jenny ran for cover, I rubbed my ring, but this time called, in my mind, for my sister, Myopa. The water pulsed, but before I could turn around, arrows went soaring right through my hair.

I felt Faireanna grab me and put a forcefield around us. I then felt the air around begin to heat up. Faireanna covered us in a purple fire barrier. She looked at me and said, " I'm going to bring this fire in and then shoot it out, but I'm afraid you might get serevly burned!"

"Well, if I do, just carry me to the ocean water and toss me in, I can us the water to heal my wounds."

Faireanna nodded, and brought her hands and arms in as though she was inhaling. The fire was sereing my skin, and I could feel the scorhing pain. Then the purple fire shot out everywhere, and I saw the three sisters gt knocked back by the imapct. I fell to the ground as my legs couldn't hold me up. Faireanna picked me up and ran for the ocean. However, I looked back to see the three sisters get their bows ready and started firing at Faireanna. Arrows flew past us like raging wind, and Faireanna tried her hardest to protect me from the arrows. I saw one arrow shot her in the arm and she began to cry out but kept running. Then as we got next to the ocean water, an arrow shot her in the leg and she collasped on the spot, but she was able to toss me into the water, but she fell down.

As I healed my wounds, I swam back up to the surface to see Jenta walk in front of Faireanna and saying, "You have betrayed the order of the Inferno Witch clan by helping a rival race. Now you die!" As Jenta yelled her final words, Faluna shot an arrow which hit Faireanna's back. Faireanna's head dropped and I was about to cry out, but the water began to shift and turn. Then I was blasted out of the water and back on land, only to notice that Myopa was standing on land with an enourmous amount of water, circling her like a coil.

"You messed wth the wrong family!" hollered Myopa and she sent the water at the three sisters. Tiera was washed out first, and as the water drew away from her, all was left was a blue colored skeleton which ignited into blue flames and then vanished. The water then surrounded Faluna and ambushed her. I witnessed her silver skeleton burst into siver flames and disappear. A great amount of water raged after Jenta, but Jenta heat jumped away from the ocean water, and over to the oppisite side of the street. The water raged to her position, and she tried to shield herself with a black forcefield. Jenta was about to strike down Myopa with a surge of black force, but an arrow was shot and hit Jenta right in the arm. Jenta had to release the forcefield, sending her to a watery grave. Her black skeleton not only burst into black flames, but instead of vanishing, the black flames turned into black smoke and rose into the sky, slowing fading away.

I looked around to see where the arrow shot and it was from Faireanna! She had a bow in her hand and her head was lifted, but barely. I ran over to her and plead, "Please, Faireanna, you can't leave. I need you!"

As she responded, her voice was very low and shallow, "Oh, Meliezja, I'm just happy that your safe. Just remember, don't give up until death meets your eye." and with Faireanna's finally words, her skin, clothes, and hair, turned into a purple skeleton which slow ignited into purple flames and disappeared.

Myopa, Jenny, and Julie came over to comfort me, but I told them that it was ok. Faireanna was a great friend and ally.

Myopa returned to the sea after awhile, and Julie had to walk home. Jenny and I walked back to the fish store. However, on our way back, the black smoke from Jenta's body appeared in front of me and said in a ghostly voice, "Meliezja, you may have overcome me and my sisters, but now you have a new problem on your hands. Tell me, do you believe in Vampires?"

The author's comments:
I have more mermaids books on the way!

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