December 29, 2012
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Once upon a time, there was an old woman living in a small dilapidated house with her ten years old grandson. One day, the old woman decided to go to the market to sell some vegetables that she harvested in their little garden and her grandson also go with her. And while they are in the market, her grandson was looking in a store and he asked, “Grandma, can you buy those toy for me?” pointing his finger in a toy car, “Uhm, if all of our vegetables will be sold, I promise, I will buy those toy for you,” the old woman replied. But afternoon comes, only one fourth of their vegetables have been sold and it is not enough to buy a toy car for her grandson. “I’m sorry, but our money is not enough to buy a toy car for you,” the old woman said to her grandson sadly, “it’s okay grandma, maybe tomorrow all of our vegetables will be sold” her grandson replied happily, ”I’m so thankful I have a grandson like you,” the old woman said happily, let’s go home, but before that, we have to buy some food to eat” the old woman continues. While they are buying in the store, something got the attention of her grandson, there was a racking chair sell and place at the corner of the shop, but they are in a hurry so they go out of the store after they bought foods.
Morning comes, the old woman decided to go again to the market to sell their vegetables but her grandson said, “Grandma, please let me be the one to sell those vegetables, and you will stay in the house”, “are you sure? Can you sell those vegetables without my help?” the old lady asked, “don’t worry grandma, I can take care of myself” her grandson answered. And instead of going to the market, the boy goes to the church to sell their vegetables and while he is selling, a pastor came and said, “What is the price of all the vegetables that you are selling?” the boy was shocked and asked “are you sure sir? I mean, pastor?” “yes of course, our church will have a celebration and we have to cook some foods for our visitors from other places” the pastor answered, “how much?” the pastor asked, “350 hundred pesos pastor,” the boy answered happily, “here” the pastor gave a boy a one thousand pesos, “oh, sorry pastor but I don’t have a change” the boy said, “oh, just keep the change, ok?” the pastor replied, “are you sure pastor? Oh, thank you! Thank you very much and thank you Lord!” the boy exclaimed happily, “you’re welcome, and God bless” the pastor replied.
After the boy sold all of his vegetables, he went to the store to buy his favorite toy, and when he went home, he shouted “grandma!” “I have a gift for you, but actually it is a surprise gift” he continues, “what is it?” the old lady asked, and when the old lady came, the boy grab the hand of his grandma and they go outside and the boy said “Surprised!, I finally bought that because finally, all of our vegetables has been sold” , the old lady was surprised of what he saw, because instead of buying his favorite toy, the boy bought a racking chair for his grandmother, “Do you like it grandma?” the boy happily asked, “yes, I really like it, I really love it, thank you my grandson!” the old lady happily answered with tears in her eyes. After that, she sits to the racking chair and said “my grandson, can you sit with me?” “Of course grandma” and the boy sit with his grandmother in the racking chair and the old lady said “I love you so much my grandson” “I love you too grandma” the boy answered happily.


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