A sad man

December 13, 2012
Bam the sound of broken glass and crumpled metal surrounded me but I guess my story should start from the beginning. It happened when I came home from work I walked to my apartment and opened the door hoping to see my love there. It was another bad day. Life just seemed so fruitless nothing changed the only bright spot was coming home. Not anymore I guess because when that door opened my heart stopped. Boxes everywhere my name on them my wife walked up to me told me of the divorce she was taking the apartment and money and said “get out”. She told me she was with an old friend I asked if I could get them later she said fine and shut the door. I walked to the roof and stood on the edge thinking of where I went wrong I gave her everything. Then it hit me I wasn't at fault it was hers all the time I tried she just stood by. All of the sadness and confusion was burned out by anger and hatred I walked down the stairs to see my best friend walk into the apartment. I was shocked but kept on walking onto the street up and down the roads for hours I ended up walking to work. I saw my friend pull into the parking lot he looked at me but glanced away. I walked to work everyone stared at me I just looked down and kept moving not stopping. I worked through lunch and breaks with people looking at me I left and sat on the road thinking all night. This continued for several days until the man who took everything walked up to me to ask how I was I stood and looked at him the office cut silent. I told him “watch your back” and sat down he looked shocked and scared at the same time he walked away never talking to me until two days later he said my boxes where on the street I didn't care those boxes where meaningless. After a week without sleep I returned to the apartment walking slowly by my ex screaming what are you doing to here I ignored. I walked to the roof and there I stood on the edge both of them stood on behind me they asked me to step down I turned that’s when they got a good look at me my eyes dark from no sleep slimming down from no food they gasped. That’s when I blew up I screamed at her for all of the times she wasn't there what she put me through and at him for taking my world from me and driving me to this i put my hand into my pocket. He reacted he moved swiftly grabbing me but he fell over the edge with me he screamed I had no reaction to tired and hungry. Finally we hit him striking a car. Me a police car but life didn't want me to leave just yet. But he died on impact my ex came running out of the building nothing but shock on her face the police emerged looking at both of us. They called an ambulance pulling me away first. When we arrived at the hospital I woke and tried to reach for my pocket but could not get into it to reach the letter. A couple days later my friend’s funeral took place I sat in my wheelchair still not in the best condition after everyone left me and my ex where last to leave as she walked by I gave her the blood soaked letter saying it would explain everything. Later that night she opened the letter it said.
Dear ####
I want to explain everything to you. The reason I would come home late I was at the hospital. The reason I was so tired I was losing weight. The reason I was so unhappy I was dying. I had been battling cancer for a year and I only had a week to live I couldn't decide how to tell you. When you told me about the divorce everything I had left was trying to live with myself. I wish I could say I was happy for you but I was losing the fight and control. I would tell you I loved you but I know that’s gone so I hope your happy with your life go and live every day as if it were you last...
The next morning news “Late this morning the man who had survived falling off a building was found dead this morning cause of death stage four cancer. This man had recently undergone a divorce and fell off of the building with his ex wife's husband who was dead on impact. This man had dealt with more than anyone and stuck it out to the end.”

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