The Stars Spoke to Bigfoot...

January 15, 2008
By Nick Marshall, Clarkston, MI

The stars spoke to Bigfoot as he hunted. They told him everything he needed to know all the types of animals that have passed through this neck of the woods recently. After countless hours of waiting and listening what the stars had to say finally it paid off as Bigfoot stared down a huge black bear. Quietly Bigfoot pulled an arrow out of his quiver and pulled back on his bow. Bigfoot began to think, “Steady… feel the shot… now!!” The arrow was flying through the air, the bear looked up but it was too late and was struck straight into his heart. The bear attempted to run but moments later it stumbled down to the ground. Bigfoot was pleased with his kill and could not wait to bring it home to his family. A few hours later after Bigfoot gutted his kill he hauled it to his home. Once he got there the people in his village were very pleased with his success because his kill could feed the village for days.

“Bigfoot…. I need to talk to you” Chieftain Pontiac said
“What is it?” Bigfoot Answered
“I’ve talked to the spirits and they warn me of a grave danger.”
“What did they say?” Bigfoot Hesitantly asked
“They told me of men in hats and who ride horses that are looking for you…. Do you know of anyone who could be looking for you?”
Bigfoot thought to himself who in the world could be looking for him but then suddenly it came to him. A few months ago Bigfoot was traveling back home when he came across a Cowboy who was trying to rob some local Indians. Bigfoot saw this and elusively snuck up behind the cowboy, tied him up and left him for the buzzards. Before Bigfoot left he found out that the Cowboy’s name was Eastwood; Clint Eastwood and that he was going to find Bigfoot and kill him. Bigfoot took one last glace at Eastwood before he left.
“Bigfoot please son don’t make me repeat my self.” Pontiac said
“Oh sorry sir…. Yea I do know of someone who could be looking for me, he goes by the name of Eastwood and he’s a Cowboy looking to get back at me for what I have done to him.”
Pontiac looked at Bigfoot looked back at his tribe then shook his head “Bigfoot I cannot allow you to endanger our people any further. I’m going to have to ask you to leave the village until you take care of this Eastwood fellow. Bigfoot slowly walked over to his family and told them how he had to go away for a wile until he took care of Eastwood

Three days later Bigfoot wandered into the town of Hill Valley seeking out Mr. Eastwood to settle this feud with him once and for all. Bigfoot was pretty confident in his plan, he figured no one could turn down bear meat so what he was going to do was trade the finest pieces of bear meat for Mr. Eastwood to stop looking for him so he could go back and be with his family. Bigfoot wandered the streets of Hill Valley until he entered the town’s local pub. Once he walked in those swaying double doors he knew he wasn’t welcomed. The people in the pub eyed Bigfoot pretty much until the barkeep took notice of him. “What yaw want stranger?” the barkeep asked
“I’m looking for someone.”
“Who might that be?”
“His name is Eastwood, Clint Eastwood… I’m here to settle a feud between me and him” whispered Bigfoot.
The barkeep handed Bigfoot a glass of whiskey and said “he’s at the mayor’s house. You can stop by if you’d like, just keep walking up the hill until you see a big house. That’s the mayors… you can’t miss it.” Bigfoot took the whiskey slammed it and went off searching for Eastwood.
A couple of hours later Bigfoot reached the house. He ran up to the doors and started banging on them yelling for Eastwood to come out and face him like a man. Eastwood opened the door and Bigfoot immediately punched Eastwood in the face. Eastwood shook it off and attacked Bigfoot and threw him to the ground. Punches and kicks came in from Eastwood’s partners and before you knew it Bigfoot was on the ground pretty much beaten to death. Eastwood took his rope that he had on his horse tied it up to a tree and made a noose. He then dragged Bigfoot over to it and slipped the rope over his neck. “Any last words you filthy native?” Eastwood yelled.
Bigfoot closed his eyes and pictured his family and all his memories because he feared his time had come to an end but then all of a sudden the warden came and yelled “Let this man go!”
“Eastwood you are under arrest for the robbing the blacksmith. If you kill this man you too will be hung from the neck like you planned to do to this man.” Eastwood started running but did not get far as the town chased him down and held him captive. Eastwood was put behind bars for good that day and Bigfoot got his revenge.
Bigfoot told the great news to everyone at his village and the Chieftain the great news. The Chieftain was pleased to hear this and Bigfoot was allowed to live at the village and raise his family like he always wanted to do. Later that day they held a celebration for Bigfoot and there was a feast in his name. Everyone came out and played games and cheered for Bigfoot.
The next day it was just like every other day and Bigfoot was speaking to the stars thanking them for granting him the power to face his enemy.

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