The Haunted House

July 28, 2008
By Cassie Sun, San Diego, CA

One dark evil night, I crunched on the dried leaves of the abandoned neighborhood .The only thing that lived here since 1965, was the spiders and insects that call this creepy tangled place home. The tangled spider webs appeared in every corner. Even the smallest squeaks of a mice brought chills to my skin. The dead tree branches looked like claws of a dragon, and the old fashion cars looked like dark shadows. Not a drop of light peered through the rolling clouds above my head. Not even the edge of a moon or twinkle of a star. The weather man claimed that it would have a big storm tonight, perhaps the worst of the decade. But right now, the only thing that broke the stillness of the air was the howling of the winds that whistled across this place every once in a while. Other than that the only thing I heard was my own heart pounding against my chest. Every thing seemed still and dead in this neighborhood. On top of every house’s mailbox was a metal carved cat. Its eyes glittered blood red, as if saying “danger”. After a string of murders in the old mansion down the street, in 1965, all the residents fled in such a hurry that they left many things behind. Leaving this neighborhood how it is today.

As I walked towards the haunted mansion, I noticed that it was much bigger than what I saw in the story book I read last week. This mansion was at least thirty feet tall and a quarter mile wide from where I was standing. It was a large rectangle with a flat ceiling and the cracked stone wall looked at least a century old. The ray unpainted outer wall was nearly invisible behind the thick spider webs and dark drawn back curtains behind every window. All this made the mansion itself twice as scary as the whole neighborhood put together. In the front lawn, the kitty mail box was replaced with a sign that said “enter if you dare.” Where most houses had dead trees and dried leaves which disappeared and were replaced by gravestones of people and animals that died there. The sharp fang like branches hung above the front door. The white wooden floor boards creaked as I stepped up to the white patio. I didn’t dare touch anything quiet yet. I wanted to make sure that everything was safe. So, I peeked through a small crack in the window. I saw nothing. There was no movement. There wasn’t even any furniture except for an old dusty rug running down a long narrow hallway. Finally I decided that it was safe to go in.

My fingers trembled as I turned the handle. It’s probably locked I thought. However, it turned easily and the door creaked open. My hands tightened around the handle. I was so scared I could hardly breathe. It felt the same as a normal handle except colder and rustier. I ran my fingers along the door. It felt wet, moldy, and soft as if I could crumble it easily. As I stepped on to the blue and red stripped rug, a feeling of warmth spread over me, as if I had been out sunbathing for hours. However, also a smell of smoke spread through my lunges. It was not the same type of ordinary smoke I used to smell. This smoke had a smell of danger and death mixed in it. When I first looked strait forwards all I saw was the red and blue rug leading down to a dark hall with doors on both sides. It was so long that it seemed endless. Since my eyes still weren’t fully adjusted to the dark, I guided my hand with the other hand to find the light switch, but there was no light switch. Suddenly a large howling gust of wind blew the door shut. BANG!!! I jumped back and let out a high pitch ear piercing scream. Then, I gasped and picked myself up from the floor. I grabbed the handle, I twisted and turned, but it wouldn’t budge. I eventually decided that I was locked inside.

I started to walk down the hall, hopping to find another way out. As I walked, I started to get the feeling that I was not alone. Someone must have desperately locked the door. It couldn’t have locked by itself, I was thinking. This all felt like a nightmare I was waiting to wake up and find myself hiding under the covers safe and sound. But I didn’t wake up. I didn’t dare go into another room. I didn’t want to get locked into a second door; one was already enough for me. I walked through the hall for many hours. Just as I was beginning to believe that this hall was endless. I noticed another door with two windows on both sides. I twisted and turned the door knob, again it wouldn’t bulge. Then I heard footsteps, fast running foot steps. It echoed loudly through the mansion. The sound was growing louder, meaning that the person was getting closer. Fear spread through my entire body. I wanted to cry. But I knew that crying wouldn’t help. I had to think of something, and fast. Quickly I took off one of my high heel shoe, drawn back the black, velvet curtains and slammed my shoe against the glass. The glass immediately shattered into many pieces. Sunlight poured in. It must be morning I thought. Without think twice, I found my way through the spider webs and dead tree branches. The neighborhood then seems so creepy with sunlight splashing on it. However, without stop to examine, I quickly and quietly headed out the neighborhood.

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