Please Don't Lie

November 5, 2007
By Katelyn Rose, Andover, KS

“Yessss!” exclaimed Jayme. On the last day of school at San Diego’s Private School for Girls, Jayme overflowed with excitement to be vacationing to the Bahamas for the summer with her best friend Bailey. The girls just finished their freshmen year of high school and needed a break from all of the tough classes and long nights of homework. Afternoon sun felt amazing, as Jayme and Bailey sat on the steps in front of the school, making a “what to pack list”.

Three swimsuits(full piece, tankini, bikini)

12 outfits(some dressy, some casual)

Sun tan lotion

Hair and make-up supplies

Swimsuit cover-up

2 pairs of sunglasses

American Eagle flip flops

Miscellaneous magazines and music
While planning to leave in two days, the girls became happy when they heard that their parents would let them go by themselves.

While Sipping Starbucks’ vanilla bean frappuccinos, the girls stood in the airport and finally heard their flight called. The two boarded in first class because Jayme’s parents could afford it, being doctors. Their food came, and now the girls started to read the latest Teen Vogue magazine. After a few more hours on the plane, they arrived in the Bahamas. Once out of the airport, the hired limousine driver drove them to their hotel. Coincidently, the girls thought they would stay in the condos that Bailey stayed in last year, but soon found out that Jayme’s father had a surprise. They would stay in the nicest resort on the beach. They made it to their room, to find that it was the Presidential suite, including: 2 bedrooms with tempur-pedic beds, a living room, TV room, and kitchen fully equipped with everything the girls would ever need.

Later that night Jayme and Bailey were walking arm in arm down the glorious sandy beach. They spoke about the exciting things they would do this summer, and school. The girls then saw some ridiculously hot guys walking straight towards them and pointing. Jayme’s heart jumped and she immediately whispered to Bailey that she chose the one with dirty blond, curly hair for herself. Both guys walked up to them and introduced themselves as Tyson and Brett. Then, Tyson asked Jayme if she wanted to go get something to drink at the beach side restaurant with him, and of course, she agreed. That left Brett and Bailey to walk along the beach together as the sun went down. At ten o’clock, both the girls finally made it back to their room, and shared every detail about their evening when Jayme’s dad called; just wanting to make sure they liked the resort.

Week two flew by fast. The girls spent a great amount of time at the beach learning to surf. Oddly enough, Tyson and Brett instruct surfing classes, and wanted badly for the girls to learn, so that the four of them could surf together for the rest of the summer. Bailey and Jayme enjoyed the huge windows in their suite so that they could watch the sun come up during their six a.m. devotions. Devotions together every morning was a ritual, even on school days, Bailey would go to Jayme’s and get ready for school, as they did morning devotions. Although they enjoyed the first week of vacation, the upcoming week wouldn’t play out the same.

Later, Monday night, Bailey didn’t arrive back to the room until twelve-thirty A.M. and Jayme wanted to know what she had gotten into, but all Bailey would tell her included that she came from the exercise room. Immediately, Jayme knew that was a lie. Subsequent to that night, the whole next day seemed a little weird. Every time Jayme suggested they go find the guys to do something, Bailey tried to find a lame excuse about why they should not find them.
Disaster struck the next day. Jayme became so suspicious that she went to ask the guys if they new anything about Bailey’s late night. Tyson would not say much and Brett swore that he knew nothing. So, Jayme forced Bailey to tell her. Bailey finally told Jayme that she kissed Tyson on Monday night. Jayme became furious. She screamed at Bailey for an hour, then she called Tyson and screamed at him demanding an explanation. He just stumbled around with his words saying, “Um… it was…wait... never mind…wait, I don’t know.” That night and the next day seemed as if Jayme lost her voice, because she didn’t speak to Bailey the whole time.
This upset Bailey and she finally went to Jayme and asked “Can we please talk?” Jayme agreed, with the exception that Bailey would listen to how much she was hurt. Bailey told Jayme that she was jealous, and that she just couldn’t help it. Also she felt bad and would rather have a friendship with Jayme than with Tyson. Jayme then forgave Bailey. During the following day, they forgot about the whole thing and went to the movies with the guys. Jayme back with Tyson and Bailey with Brett.

Summer turned out spectacularly for everyone. Both of the girls learned how to surf and enjoyed doing so every day. Scheduled to be on the third Wednesday of their vacation in the Bahamas, they received a gift from Bailey’s dad, gift certificates to the resorts spa, and beauty salon. Of course, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the spa. Following their massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and hair styles, they went out to a fancy restaurant with the guys, and enjoyed the whole night.

A few days later, while Jayme and Bailey were surfing with the guys, they found out that the guys only lived an hour away from them. Even though they were still having a great time, everyone became depressed, because this was their last Friday in the Bahamas. They were leaving in 2 days. To celebrate the last Friday night, the guys brought 12 movies up to the girls’ room, followed by a maid bringing in a popcorn machine. They enjoyed a 24 hour movie marathon, ending it with surfing at dusk. The next day they had to leave. The girls left at eight o’clock a.m. and then the guys followed at noon. They already made plans to meet each other the following weekend at Tyson’s house back in California.

When the girls arrived home, they had a lot to tell both their friends and family. For the rest of the summer, the only thing that the girls talked about included the guys and what they talked about on the phone with them. When school started back up, Jayme and Bailey no longer talked to the guys, but still enjoyed all of the great memories.

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