'Excuse Me, But Do I Know You From Somewhere?'

July 10, 2008
By Julie Maurer, Bellingham, WA

At nine O’clock in the evening, the sky turns a deep navy blue as the sun disappears completely over the horizon. Streetlights, close packed houses, and occasionally passing cars brighten the night sky. A lone figure walks down the sidewalk. She passes the inviting suburban houses without a single glance into their brightly lit windows where one could witness scenes of happy family life.

She stares straight ahead as she walks with no expression on her plain, pale face. She didn’t fit the peaceful suburban scene with her black jeans and converse and her all black hoodie with the hood pulled up over her head to shadow her face.

A bus stop stood up ahead, a lonely bench made of recycled plastic a companied by a sign with the front of a bus on it. The young girl approached the bench and sat. Her foot tapped anxiously as she looked down the empty road, waiting. The minutes ticked by slowly and after around half an hour the girl looked down at her watch. 10 o’clock on the nose. The bus would come any minute.

Suddenly, the bushes behind her rustled though there was no wind. The girl whirled around. A pair of bright yellow eyes glared at her from the bushes. Just then the sound of a diesel-powered engine diverted the girl’s attention a city bus halted in front of her. The sound of compressed air being released could be heard as the bus doors opened. The girl gave one last nervous glance at the bushes before scrambling inside the bus. The doors closed behind her.

The bus was empty and the girl deposited 25 cents into the toll box and walked toward the back of the bus. She noticed a lone figure in the very back. It’s face was hidden by the collar of a long black coat but she could tell it was a man by his long tangled brown hair. Feeling uneasy about the man, the girl sat a few seats away.

She gazed out the window thoughtfully. Her bright blue eyes watched the quickly passing city. Suddenly something brushed against her arm and she felt something next to her. The girl turned to face the stranger who, until very recently, had been sitting in the back, seats away. He faced forward as if oblivious to her presence. “I-uh…excuse me?” She mumbled nervously. The stranger turned toward her. Her eyes widened in shock and she almost let out a scream right then and there. His eyes were yellow. Her thoughts immediately flashed to those mysterious yellow eyes in the bushes. The man continued to stare at her until she spoke again.

“Um…w-why are you sitting here?” She asked cautiously. The man smiled though his lips remained closed. “Thought you might care for some company.” He said. His voice was horse and gravely. “What’s your name?” “Sophie.” The girl answered. “I’m Richard.” The stranger said. “But you can call me Rick. I’m sorry but have we met before?” Shocked by this unexpected question, Sophie shook her head. “No.” She said, “you must be mistaking me for someone else.” Richard/Rick seemed confused. “Hmm.” He said with a puzzled expression. The bus stopped and the man stood. “Well here’s my stop.” He said, sounding regretful. “I’ll see you again sometime.”

Richard left the bus leaving Sophie confused and a little disturbed. As he left another man boarded. This one was younger, around Sophie’s age. He looked like the unfortunate type. His baggy jeans were torn and his black leather jacket was patched in many places. His dark hair was shaggy and unkept and hung in his yellow eyes. Sophie watched as he sat down next to her. “Hey!” He said cheerfully. “Do I know you?” Remembering that that was what the last passenger asked, Sophie shook her head. “I don’t think so.” She said. The boy’s brow furrowed. “Hmmm.” He mumbled. The kid didn’t say another word.

This strange incident repeated at least five more times. Each time Sophie shook her head, becoming more and more uncertain and each time the stranger had the same yellow eyes. The bus drove all through town and finally stopped at the exact stop where Sophie had got on. She practically ran out of the bus to get away from an old yellow-eyed woman who had just asked Sophie if she’d met her before. She didn’t stop running.

When Sophie reached her house it was already 1 AM. She crawled through her bedroom window, which she left unlocked. Locking her window, she turned on the light. “Okay. That was just too weird.” Sophie mumbled. She walked past her mirror and stopped dead. She screamed at her reflection. She had yellow eyes…

The author's comments:
I wrote this peice for a writing project last year in my english class. I'm not quite sure what inspired me to write it but it kind of reminds me of an episode from Twilight Zone. I love weird stories and horror movies so I'm sure thats where the idea came from.

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