October 12, 2012
By Yo_Mama8675309 BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
Yo_Mama8675309 BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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One day a kid in church asked,"if he could skip church".
And his Mom said,"you may but don't get in trouble".
So he goes outside of the church and waits for his friends next to some ruins.He decided to wait in the ruins and scare his friends when they came looking for him. So hes in the ruins and waiting on his friends and waits and waits then he heard."Get out or face the consequences".
So he ditched his friends and and tried to find the exit.He was looking for what seemed forever and he couldn't find the exit so he just faced the facts and sat down and thanked .Then he heard a scream."Who is that" he said.
he started trying to find the voice he heard. It was his friend he came looking for him he was so relieved.He said,"how did you get here".
He replied," I came looking for you and got lost".
Blood started oozing out of he walls and gas started inflating the air. We was choking we ran away from the gas. We saw a figure in a room shackled to wall.We asked him,"how did you get here".
He replied,"I did the same you did a week ago i skipped church on the only 2 days you have to go,if you help me get out of these chains ill help you get out".
So we unchained him and he showed us the door that was locked and he said," can you go get the key out of the my coat in the room".
So we bolted and got the key the walls started caving in and it keep getting tighter. We gave him the key and he dropped it. My friend picked it up and jammed it in the door and jumped out before we got squished. Me and my friend ran back to church. And my mom asked me,"whats wrong".
And i said,"we are never skipping church again".

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