Home-bound Rainsford

October 11, 2012
By maia cheatham BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
maia cheatham BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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Rainsford thought that he had never slept in a more cheerful complacent contented convenient cozy bed.
He was glad to be awake and alive, glad the horrible nightmare is over. He stretched his tired body and rose from the comfortable bed.
After he was hunted by the evil man Zaroff, Rainsford realized what animals go through to be hunted and said that he never wanted to hunt another living being ever again.
He prayed he could find a safe way home like Judah did for victory with Abijah’s army.
Then Rainsford got up and got dressed and left the marvelous mansion in search for a way back home.
Rainsford was being buffeted by the wind but he finally reached the shore, he felt as if he had walked 1000 miles.
A long ways away he saw a figure in the ocean then later realized it was a boat.
Rainsford started yelling for help but realized it was no use since the people on the boat wouldn’t hear him.
He abruptly thought of the idea of sending smoke signals up into the sky so people on the boat would see him and come rescue him.
Rainsford was busy as a bee assembled everything he needed to make smoke signals. “Wooooooooshhhh!” the air was blowing hard as the gray smoke drifted up into the air. Immediately the boat started to turn around.
Rainsford recognized the boat as it started moving closer then saw that it was Whitney and the crew coming back for him.
The crew walked off the boat.
Rainsford was in utter disbelief to see that Whitney and the crew had come back for him.
Whitney told Rainsford that when he woke up and saw that he was gone, he persuaded the crew to go back and look for him.
Rainsford told Whitney that he was thankful for them to rescue him.
Whitney told Rainsford that he was glad he could do the favor and that he can tell him what happened on the way to the Amazon.
Rainsford fearfully told Whitney and the crew that he does not want to hunt anymore.
The confused Whitney said it was the “Wh- wh- why that’s the most bizzare thing he’s ever heard.
Rainsford told Whitney and the crew, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears”, trying to add a joke like he normally does, quoting Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar. “I was a careless fool to not spend a minute to even think about what hunted animals go through. I now realize that the world doesn’t have to be made up of two classes- the hunters and the huntees, and you and I don’t have to be the hunters. Now I feel bad for killing the innocent animals and realize that hunting is murder. Life is a game played on us while we are playing other game, hoping Whitney would understand.
Whitney said, “If you don't kill then the animal population will become too big and over populate the earth.”
Then Rainsford told Whitney that hunting is bad because you are killing another living being.”
Whitney was confused at first but then said to Rainsford that it was a splendid idea.
Then Rainsford, Whitney, and the crew got on the boat and went home.
Rainsford never hunted again.

The author's comments:
Ending to the Most Dangerous Game. Starts right where the original story leaves off.

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