The Elk and her Unordinary Life

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

As the leaves crunched under her feet the graceful elk looked down and realized fall had come again. She was taking her daily walk in the woods and looking for the humans who would usually bring her a grilled cheese or two once a week. These humans that she had run across many years ago have been coming by at least once a week on their walk through the forest and they always brought the tall, tan brown elk a warm, crispy, but still gooey grilled cheese sandwich. The elk, who they had named The Elk, knew from the very beginning that these humans weren’t like the others, these humans could be trusted.

That afternoon The Elk was wandering through the forest when she saw her friends walking down to their usual meeting place. The Elk hurried and trotted over to greet them but this time was different. The humans brought the grilled cheese just as they had always done before but this time there was an extra human with them. It was a small human. He was short little boy with brown hair, an adorable round face, and he was wearing little sweat pants with a t-shirt covered by a bright green jacket. On his little feet he had on hiking boots with navy blue socks. When The Elk approached her friends they gave her the grilled cheese and she gobbled it down in just six bites. Then the woman, who The Elk liked best, told her that the little boy was her son, five year old Earl. The Elk had learned to comprehend English a long time ago so she understood what the woman had told her. The Elk then greeted Earl by lifting her hoof up to give him a handshake. Earl shook The Elks hoof and then him, his mother, and The Elk went for a walk. They explored the forest, which was most beautiful in the fall with all of the different colored leaves. The three friends were never bothered by other creatures because The Elk was a brave and well liked leader in the forest. After a while the mother and her son, Earl, had to leave for home. The Elk bowed her head down toward both of them to show her gratitude for their visit and then they left.

The Elk went about her life and so did the humans. Neither of them could wait for the next visit. In the years to come The Elk got to meet all of the other members of the human’s family and more importantly got to try all kinds of new grilled cheese sandwiches.
The End

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