Bloody Love

June 17, 2008
By Kayla Kidder, Mariaville, ME

It is 3rd trimester of senior year. We shuffle into our home rooms. My friends and I sit down in our regular seats in the back of the room on the left. We catch up on all the things we had done on our 3 days of freedom. Now we are back in this desolate place. A shadow catches my eye. I glance up. His skin is pale, hair dark as the night, head down as he slides past the peering eyes to the opposite side of the room. Everyone is quiet. “Is that the new kid?, He's creepy.” They snicker some nasty things. “Shut up, leave him alone!” I say loud enough for everyone to hear me.

I get disgusted looks from Sarah McCleavly and possee of Barbie drones. I shake my head and laugh. The bell rings, we settle in our seats and Napster aka Mrs. Napleton for her frequent naps in class, waddles in. “Good morning bright pupils!”

We all groan “ good morning” We know if we don't she'll go caveman and rip our heads off. “Alrighty we'll start with attendance.”
Sadie nudges my arm. I turn, huh? “He's been staring at you.”
“Him”, she nods her head towards the new kid.
I smile, “yea ok” and I lean back in my seat.
“If you don't believe me take a look for yourself.”

I peak over my shoulder. Our eyes meet. I snap my head back facing the front of the class. My face heats up, and glows red. I smile fading off into the corners of my mind for a minute. I fade back as I hear the Napster saying my name. “Adalia, Adalia Eiffel?”
“Yea thats me”, I raise my hand into the air.
“It's good to know you're with us today, Adalia.”

I roll my eyes. “Whatever.” I slyly look out the corner of my eye. He smiles and look back down at his desk. “Oh we have a new student!, Zia Valmindor? Is that how you say it?” Napster asks. “Yep.” “Very unusual name, where did you move from?”
“Thanks, well just recently Ireland.” “Oh very nice.” She babbles on about the announcements for this week. We all ignore her and chat amongst ourselves.

Finally the bell rings we rush out of the room and follow the herd up the hallway, where my small group of friends hangout before the next class. Zia walks by and smiles, we are locked into a stare. I can't look away. His eyes are vibrant green, they seem to glow in a strange eerie way. He's gone around the corner, it feels like I just woke up from surgery and the anesthetic is wearing off. My friends giggle.
“What was that Adie?” Jade asks, holding in her laughter.
My face fills with color, “I'm not even sure you guys, I couldn't look away!” We laugh. The bell rings again and we head into our rooms.

The day passes like every other, long and repetitive. I keep thinking about Zia and it seems impossible to get him off my mind. I go to my locker then head to the bus. My car is in the shop, so I am forced to take public transportation. The bus is packed. There is only one spot left and it happens to be with Zia. I hesitate a little and go over to him.
“Uh, hey can I sit with you?
He looks up, “yea sure.” He moves his bag and I sit down. I am half sitting on the seat. He kept glancing at me.
“Um, thanks for today.” “Huh?, oh your welcome, those people are just ridiculous.
“Yeah, I've realized.” We laugh.
“Oh my name is Adalia.” “Hello Adalia, I'm Zia.” he has pretty long canine teeth.

We talk for a while, before I know it I look up and we are near my stop.
“I get off here”, Zia says sadly.
“Oh really?, so do I.”
“No way!, cool.” We laugh.

The bus stops, we fight through the sea of kinder gardeners to get to the door.
“What house do you live in?” he asks curiously.
“The tan one right there, I point across the street, where do you live?” That one, he points to the big Victorian/mid evil house.
“I haven't seen anyone in that house since I was a little kid.” “My family's ancestors lived here a long time ago, so my family moved back.”

We talk for another couple of minutes on the sidewalk, a car starts up the road.
“Oh no that's my step-mom, I've got to go.”
“Alright, meet me out here later tonight maybe 8 or so,” Zia says.
“Ok, I'll meet you here.” I go into the kitchen and grab a drink.

It's about 10 minutes till 8 and I am done with my home work and everyone is in the living room. Hey dad I'm going to take a walk, I'll be back in a little while. Before, I get an answer I am out the door. It's a little chilly tonight, I have my black sweat shirt. A fog rolls in out of nowhere. The street lights are on lighting up only sections of the street. I stand in the middle of the road between two lights, I blend into the darkness. Suddenly I hear something. I look all over. Something is flying down from the sky, it looks like a person. My mind is telling me to run but my body refuses to listen. It touches down on the ground. I can't believe my eyes, It's Zia!

I try to back up and retreat but I step on a rubber duck laying randomly in the road. My heart stops, I'm frozen like a block of ice. He turns his head, squinting trying to see through the darkness. “Adalia?,” he whispers, “Is that you?”
I take one step forward towards him, “yea it's me.”
“How long have you been standing there for?”, he asks he walks over to me.
“About ten minutes.” He gets closer, I back up.
“What's wrong?” I don't say anything. He is looking into my eyes like he is reading my mind.
“Damn, you saw didn't you?”
“Saw what?” Trying to act like nothings wrong.
“Me, flying.” I bite my lip, I nod my head.
He puts his hand on his face, “Man my parents are going to kill me “ he mumbles. I just stand there not knowing what to do.

He turns back to me, “no one is to know about this, can I trust you?”
“Uh... I guess, I think , I don't know!”
“Ok, well first I have to say that I like you a lot, even though I've known you for less than a day, and I don't want this to come between us in any way.” I nod my head, I can't hold in my smile.
He smiles, “ok come here”, he kinda grabs me by the hand over into the shadows.

“Your going to think I am crazy but here we go, I'm a vampire.” I stare at him, trying to analyze what he is saying, it takes me a minute.
“What?, no, nope don't think so.” I say skeptically turning around.
“Adalia please, I'm not kidding, watch.” He shows his teeth the canines grow out long.
“Well, I thought vampires can't go into sun light?” “
That's just in the movies, we live among people, well some of us.”
“Why aren't you like sucking my blood or whatever?”
“That's where movies come in again, not all vampires attack humans, there are 2 types of vampire breeds, ones like in the movies and others like my family.”
“Oh I see.”
“Ok, if you don't believe me come over to my house tomorrow after school, I'll introduce you to my family.”
“Zia... “
“Please, I don't want you to think I am crazy, and nothing will happen to you, I promise.”
“Fine, I'll go.”
“Thank you, now I have to talk to my parents”, he says in a depressed tone.
“Are you going to get in trouble?”
“Most likely, they will get over it.” We laugh. I feel a little more comfortable. We talk for what feels like 5 minutes. My phone rings, I look at it 10:30.
“Ok well I will let you go inside.”
“Alright thanks”, I smile, “I'll see you tomorrow.“
“See you there”, he smiles. I turn my back to walk back in.
“Adalia, remember don't tell anyone.” I nod my head and walk back into the house. I go up to my room put music on and fall asleep.

I wake up, same routine as every other day. Get up, shower, cloths, make-up and hair, run down stairs no time for breakfast, fly out the door. Zia is standing at the curb corner waiting for the bus. We sit together on the bus and go to our first class together. The day goes by fast, I am really nervous about going into his house and meeting the rest of his family. I can't believe I'm friends with a vampire. It's so surreal.

Before I know it the last bell rings I go to my locker as usual and head out to the bus. I get on the bus Zia is waiting for me. The bus is less cramped so I sit in the seat in front of him.

We get to our stop. I am seriously thinking about not getting off the bus. I slowly get up questioning myself. We watch the bus drive down the road. Zia, takes a few steps. I am still and staring at the grim looking house.
“Come on Adaila, nothing is going to happen to you.” I take a deep breath and follow. We get to the front stoop of his house. My heart is pounding a thousand beats a second, I can feel my hands shaking. He pushes the door open, Mom I'm home!, he shouts.

I follow close behind. We walk through an dark, wide hallway. We come to a room that glows like the heavens.
“Zia darling!” a woman says very loudly jumping out from behind the refrigerator door. She has the same pale skin, curly light brown hair, slender, dressed in loose fitting closes. She hugs Zia and kisses him cheek.
“Ah, mom come on he wipes his face.”

She looks at me smiling. This must be Adalia. Uh huh, Zia says proudly. Hello Dear, I'm Zia's mom, you can call me Jezebel. Hello, I say shyly. I join Zia on the bar stools in the kitchen. I hear screams, and little feet thumping up the hallway. Two small children come running in, one had a cardboard sword. Those are my twin brothers Draven and Crimson, they are three and full of energy. I smile, how many siblings do you have? Five all together, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Wow that's a lot. Jezebel laughs yes it is, just imagine raising all these monsters. I'd imagine, I laugh. Yes and Zia here is my third oldest. Zia shakes his head and looks down. It goes Lynk, Autum, Zia, Ivory and then Draven and Crimson. My beautiful babies. I smile, you sure think highly of your children. Of course they are the best thing anyone could have given me.

We talk for a while, getting to know his mom is fun. A shreeking voice says, mom! mom!, those twurpes colored all over my walls! She looks like a small version of Jezebel. Ivory, stop being so dramatic, I'll clean it up in a few minutes, we have a guest. She looks at me, oh does Zia have a girlfriend?! Shut up Ivory! I try not to laugh as the house turns into an uproar.

The door squeaks open. A thunderous voice over powers everyone, Hello beautiful family! Everyone stops and looks towards the door. A tall, muscularly built man stands in the door way. The frame of the door casts a shadow across his face. Daddy!, Crimson and Draven charge the man. He bends down and takes both boys in his arms. He kisses them both on the head and stands back up straight. His eyes are piercing blue. Jezebel my love, he goes over and kisses her. He pauses and stares at me, who is this? Zia says, uh she's my friend Adalia. Oh she is the one you were talking about. She's a pretty one Zia. My cheeks burn. Well Adalia, my name is Aleron. Hello is the only thing I can get out of my mouth.

The door opens once again, this time a tall, lanky, guy stumbles in. He has thick rimmed glasses, a little nerdy but still intimidating. Dad, your phone, he tosses the cell phone. Alreon catches it with one hand. Hello? he fades off into the next room. Zia looks at me that's my brother Lynk. He's a little shy unlike the rest of us that you have already discovered. We all talk and laugh about a few things. I love how this family all gets along so well.

Alreon walks back in the room. Attention!, everyone pauses and looks. There's a meeting tonight up on the ridge. Is everything ok? Jezebel asks. I believe so but I think it is to check up on everyone. They all talk about how they are getting there. I simply sit there and listen to the constant chatter around me. What about Adalia?, Zia asks curiously, can she come? They look at each other, in silence Zia, I don't know... But dad you know I just wonder off at the meetings I never have anyone to be with. Jezebel shrugs her shoulders. Alreon sighs, I guess she can go, but is up to her. Ever one turns and looks at me. I feel like I am shrinking and going to turn into a puddle on the kitchen floor. Uh, I don't know if it will be good that I do go. Yes, yes it is good Zia says attempting to persuade me. Everyone is looking at me. I smile unsurely. It's final then, she can come with us Aleron says.

Zia has the biggest smile on his face. Me on the other hand, feels like someone ripped out my lungs. I can't breathe. I love his family but what if the rest of them aren't like the Valmindor family? Alright guys get ready, Adalia do you have to talk to your parents? Jezebel asks. Uh yea can I use your phone? Of course, it is on the other side of the hallway. I see a bright white phone hanging on the wall. Dial my house number. The phone rings twice, hello. My step mom answers. Hey Trish can I go with my friend out to eat tonight? Um maybe, what friend? Oh my new friend at school, her name is Emily. Oh, I guess so don't get home to late. Alright thanks bye. I hang up the phone and go back in the kitchen.

The whole family has a smirk on their faces. What? Laughter breaks out. I'm confused. Lying to your parents are we? Aleron says with a grin. Uh, yea it was my step mom any way. I'm guessing you really want to go with us, Lynk states. Anythings better than being in my room until tomorrow morning when I go to school. It's odd how well I get along with Zia's family and I understand their sarcasm. They nod their heads in agreement. Why am I a girl named Emily now? Zia asks in a startled voice. My parents never would have let me go if i said I was going with a guy! An uproar of laughter starts in again.

Alright now that thats decided, Zia take Adalia and tell her the rules about the meeting. Ok! come on, he takes me by the hand and pulls me towards the stairs. He flies up the stairs leaving me in the dust.

Zia!, don't forget leave the door open! Jezebel yells from the bottom of the stairs. Mom! Zia says in discust. I laugh and run up the rest of the flight. Light falls across the hallway floor. I slowly walk toward the open door. I peer into the room. The walls an electric green and strude with posters. Dirty cloths engulf the hard wood floor. His desk is in the corner next to the door, papers stacked neatly, a lamp, a cup full of pens and other writing utensils. A sketch book lay open with a few papers on top. I look around for Zia, he is no where to be found.

I sit down in his chair at his desk. I turn around facing the top of the desk, I peek over my shoulder one more time, still no one. I push the papers off the sketch book. I pick the book up, my eyes locked on the page. It is a picture of me, draw like he took a picture. I flip the page drawings of everything from scenic to people in action. Wow, I say out loud. What's that? Um, I close the book and turn around, Nothing! No what? he walks over and sees the sketch book out of place. Oh those are just things that I do when I am bored, he says as his face turns a shade of red. Are you serious they are amazing! Your just saying that. No I don't just say things like that. He smile, did you look at all of them? Just about, I especially like this one, I flip the book open to the picture of me. Oh about that... Don't worry I think it's cool.

Any way about the meeting. Yes the meeting. These meetings have been going on for the past thousands of years. He talks I listen. Parts of the lesson I don't even think I hear what he says, I can't help myself from just staring into his eyes. I feel myself being pulled by the magnet of attraction with every minute.

After a 30 minute conversation he breaks and says, Thats the story. I nod my head, ok I understand now. We laugh. When we get there we will probably talk to a few people and then we can escape. Alright, it shall be fun. We talk some more. I move on to the futon. He grabs his art books and joins me. We look through the sketch books. He is really good.

The door is half closed. It gets pushed open Aleron and Jezebel are standing there. Oh Zia your rooms a mess!, Jezebel says shocked. Sorry mom, he says in a half apologetic tone. Well are we ready to go? Yes. We jump up and head down stairs. Lynk is attempting to put a robe type thing on Crimson and he is giving Lynk a fight. Zia passes me a robe. I smile and put it on.

We all pile into a large van and head towards the cliff. The car ride up is a loud one. Music is going, everyone is talking, mom he hit me, change the channel, it's to hot in here ,so much complaining. I just laugh.

Finally the car comes to a complete stop and everyone bails out. Zia and I are the last to get out. A huge crowd of people are all standing around. I look at Zia, he just smiles. We walk around talking to people. We are on a ledge overlooking the ocean. The sun is setting into the horizon. Its so pretty. The breeze blows through my hair. I take a deep breath in. The smell of the sea is slight, not to over powering. I close my eyes, it feels like I'm flying.

I feel a hand on mine, I jump out of my daze. I look to my right, Zia is standing there with a grin on his face. Come on, I want to show you something. He leads me out of the crowd down a path. The path is full of sticks, small trees, rotting logs and leaves. We come to a clearing on the shore. The sand is a golden color shining in the light. He walks me to the edge of the water, the waves rolling in under my shoes. The water looks like a blanket covered with diamonds.

The ocean is the one place I feel completely peaceful, I say in a relaxed voice. He looks over and smiles, It's the one place where you aren't judged by anything. Yea, exactly. He holds my hand in his firmly.

We walk along the beach talking. No one to hear us just the ocean waves, wind, sand and warm sun on our backs.

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