Navigating Through High School Hallways

May 29, 2008
By Carson Gunby, Hoffman Estates, IL

With the elimination of the office hallway and the increased student population, it can be quite difficult to reach your destination in just five minutes. While traveling you should be aware of the different obstacles that may inhibit your progress and how to deal with each. By dealing with obstacles effectively and following hallway etiquette you can protect your attendance record.

General Hallway Rules
1. Always walk on the right side of the hall
2. Don’t stop even if you are about to collide with someone
3. Always left class right at the bell even if your next class is right nearby
4. If you step on someone’s heel, walk by and pretend you didn’t do anything.
5. Walk straight forward and avoid eye contact

The Standing Group

These hallway inhabitants cluster into large groups often partially blocking access down the hallway. They are usually too oblivious or densely packed to just walk through. One option is to look for a small opening in the group to squeeze through. Find it fast though, if the other side gets through it first it will be almost impossible to break through. If all else fails navigate around using the second floor.

The Slow Talkers

These travelers usually move about the hallway side by side, blocking all traffic behind them. Like the large standing groups, they oblivious to all surrounding people and are a serious threat to you attendance record They move too slowly to just following behind, you best bet is to pass as quickly as you can or risk being late to you next class. Once the opposite lane of traffic is clear, quickly fast walk around the line. If this is not possible, quickly move down a different hallway as soon as you can.

The Lunch Rush

During lunch periods do not attempt to use the main hallway to get to any of your classes. People will attempt to both exit and enter the cafeteria simultaneously. Often groups will cluster the hall blocking any possible traffic flow. Also do not use the stairway by the gym at this time as almost all the traffic empties into there. You best chance is to use the auditorium or science hallways as they are used less frequently and are much larger. If you are still trapped by the crowds use a larger person to wedge through the crowd. Closely follow the open path they create when slitting through the crowd until you can escape.

The Spectators

If the case that something out of the ordinary or particularly interesting happens, all nearby traffic with stop and encircle the distraction. Do not attempt to get a view of what’s happening, run past quickly before the crowd blocks off the hall making it inaccessible. If it has already been blocked, crawl under the crowd or find a weak spot and charge through it.

The Office

This year the office has been expanded to cut off an entire hallway. Using it as a shortcut is frowned upon. However if your attendance is threatened, there are ways to sneak through it. Walk into the office as if you have something to do, carry some papers with you to make this seem more believable. If someone seems suspicious of you, walk down one of the counselor office corridors and wait a few seconds. Come out carrying different paper acting like you were just picking something up. Proceed quickly through the office and to prevent raising more suspicion. If you must use it multiple times in one week, try changing your appearance so you are not suspected of using the office too many times.

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