May 29, 2008
By Nicholas Meneses, Discovery Bay, CA

“Hey Nick what are you reading?” I didn’t really want to notice that he was talking to me. I tried to ignore him. I continued reading on. “Hey Nick what book are you reading?” Jeremy kept on asking me questions until I finally paid attention to him. “Lord of the Flies.” I replied. “Isn’t that the same thing as this little project you’re making us do over the summer?” “Yes, but this is different I want to see if that would really happen if I took friends along?” I wanted him to stop asking me questions so that I can continue reading until everyone came over. My group of friends that were a part of this trip is Tanner I., Chris C., Tomas G., Jimmy P., Jeremy N., Manuel S., Nick L., Charles V., and myself. “Are we there yet?” Jimmy whined for about the fifth time. “Jimmy we are not going to be there for another hour so, just sit down and enjoy the ride!” Tanner shouted.

I had some problems choosing who to bring. I’m afraid that the re-enactment of the book, Lord of the Flies, might not turn out very well. Most of the people I brought with me don’t really get along but, there are all still my friends and I have to try to bring them together. An hour passed and we all made it to the island. The project is to see if the Lord of the Flies was a true fact, if it is about human nature and what not. The plane is supposed to pick us up in a two months and I must keep track of all of the stuff we are doing on the island.

“Ok, remember we are suppose to find a way how to survive on the island as long as we can.” As I was about to give jobs for everyone to do Manuel spoke out, “Hey Nick maybe we should split up in tribes or something you know Nick, Charles, Jimmy, and

Tomas go on the other side of the island and the rest of you on this side of the island?” It was a hard decision for me because I didn’t want to end up dead before the end of the two months so I had to accept the offer, because everyone might not get along. “Ok Manuel I accept your decision, but we need to have daily meeting’s before we go on, and we need to talk about building a community and all the other stuff adults do.” We thought long and hard and as soon as we did we started building homes, having hunters, fruit collectors, and fisherman’s and supply gatherers.

“Ok everyone, everything has been going well so far, how does everyone feel so far?” “Fine”, they all said together. I noticed that the “A-Team” which was my group seemed tired so, I told them to relax for the day. Manuel seemed to be doing fine as well, he has also noticed that there is different stuff on the other side of the island and that we should start a trade route and have people exchange goods for other goods. “Well everything seems to be in order. Next meeting shall be at 8:00 am tomorrow.” As everyone started walking I told Manuel to tell his tribe to head back and he’ll meet up with them. “Manuel, I don’t know what’s going on inside the jungle and I don’t want to risk anything because we haven’t gone deep in there.” “Well, what do you suggest?” I was blank. I knew that there are more things inside the jungle that we needed, my only fear was betrayal.

I just told Manuel to just forget about it and we will talk about it tomorrow.
Weeks have passed and it’s already been a month and a half. As the sun came up, I can see Manuel’s group walking in the distance. “Why are you guys here so early?” I asked. Manuel didn’t seem the same. He didn’t act like himself when he was talking. “We lost

Jimmy in the jungle. Jimmy, one of our hunters, didn’t show up!” “Did you wait long enough?” I asked. “Nick we waited for a day.” he said. I had an idea of what we
can do but, I notice something as well. “Manny where is Tomas?” “We don’t know. He went crazy. He was pushing and shoving everyone. He didn’t want anyone to touch him and he hit Nick on the face with a piece of wood.” Soon Nick joined the conversation. “Man, I am not going to go back to the camp! We were wondering if we could stay here… We brought our supplies and everything...” “You guys are welcome here anytime but, the only thing I am afraid about is Tomas coming back. We’re going to need at least three guards at night.” That wasn’t the main problem. Few days passed and everyone was afraid of not getting out alive because there is a sociopath in the jungle. We didn’t dare go into the jungle, only if it was necessary. We traveled in groups of three every time we went in the jungle.

Accidents started to happen and the group just wasn’t getting along with one another. I’m not sure this was a good idea. It seemed exciting in the beginning but now, I’m afraid that we may not be friends after this. I’m pretty sure that Tanner and Nick L are mad at each other right now. Everyone is annoyed with one another. I pretty much have given up hope on getting to write about how well our trip was. The plane comes in two days and I just don’t know what I’m going to tell everyone about my notes.

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