Rainy Day

May 8, 2008
By eric berman, New City, NY

It was a rainy day outside and I was looking out the window into my backyard, just watching the drops of rain hit the ground one at a time. I wondered what it would be like to live the life of a rain drop. One second you’re living gloriously falling from the sky, and then you’re dead splattered on the floor in a big blob of water. I wanted to go outside and play in the rain but I knew my mom wouldn’t let me. Last year when I was in second grade, I asked my mom to play in the rain, and I destroyed all of her plants when I was supposed to be a pirate killing the bad guys. I started to lie down, and watch TV.

Ten minutes later my mom said she was going to the supermarket and asked if I wanted anything. To buy me more time outside, I loaded her list with all kinds of junk food. As soon as I heard the garage door shut, I ran to put on my sneakers and ran outside.
I was having so much fun outside and then I had the best idea. I was going to slip down the slide over my closed-at-the-time pool and see if I could stay on top of the cover. It was the best idea I ever had. The first try I was still on top of the pool cover, and the second time I had the same result, but the third time was totally different. I fell like I was rushing down the side of a steep mountain and plunged right into the pool. I couldn’t find a way out. I saw a light and swam to it, when I got there I saw a lot of weird looking creatures. I saw seahorses with humans riding on top of them, and I saw sharks that were configured to morph into dolphins. I saw enough of this and I wanted to go back out of the white light, but it was gone. I was so confused, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I swam to the top of the water and got out.
It was a totally different place then where I lived. I saw little people and what looked like a circus just took over a town.
I asked the first person I saw, “what is this place?”
He said back, “Ching-bing-ging-fing-ring.”
I said to this creature, “I’m American, and I don’t know what I’m doing here or how I got here. Does anybody speak English around here?”
He looked at me as if I were a god and replied, “American!”
He grabbed my arm and escorted me to what looked like a palace. He took me inside and showed me to a thrown. I thought the throne was for me to sit in but it wasn’t.
A two headed tiger and lion yelled “Get out of our throne!”
I was a little confused, I saw this strange place with a weird language, and now I speaking to an English speaking lion.

Before the two headed creature could take another step, the little man who escorted me said, “Cling-ding-sling-American.”
The creature looked at me also as if I was some sort of god. The creature said to me, “So you’re an American?”

I replied back, “Yeah, but why is that so amazing to you people. And what language do these people speak.”

The creature said, “We speak klarnian, and The American people have been our heroes for years but we never actually met one, so you are the new king of Klarnia.”

I asked, “What the heck is Klarnia, and how did I get here?”

He said, “Klarnia is the land where all people who aren’t normal and want to become normal come so that I can try to make them look like you, and we can try to become normal looking like you.”

I still wondered, “How did I get here?”

He said, “You must have came through our warp hole that we put in the American land, you are considered to be a god here in Klarnia”

I didn’t know if I should stay and live the life of a king or if I should go home because my mom was probably going to be home soon and would be pretty upset if I wasn’t home.

I said, “I need to get home, and maybe I can be your king another time.”

They all snarled and screamed, “No, you must help us with our war against Blarnia. They are the evil people who are stealing to steal all the progress we made with the odd people living here.”

I said, “Fine, I’ll do it for a week, but then I really need to get home.”

The next day I started to train the warriors of Klarnia, and it was tough. I was training a bunch of people that never learned what the word war meant. I tried to teach them what I learned from my home.
The day of the war came and I taught the warriors of klarnian everything I knew. When the Blarnians came charging, we stood our ground and waited for them to attack our ground. Once they arrived I saw all our warriors smacking them in the butt, and we were telling them that they would be punished if they touch our people. The Blarnians laughed and took our men one by one. I had to hide so I jumped into a pond near by. When I felt it was time to leave the pond I couldn’t. I tried to swim up but it seemed as if a force was pushing me down.

I screamed, “Help! Help!”

Next voice I hear is my mom saying, “What’s wrong”

I woke up and saw my self on the couch I was on before my mom left, and the TV was still on. I asked my mom, “Did you go to store?”

She replied, “Yes, I got everything you wanted, and it’s past your bed time so why don’t you go up stairs and get some sleep”

I spent the rest of the night baffled about what had gone on that day and I couldn’t sleep most of the night because of it. The next morning I woke up, and I walked down stairs for breakfast. My parents and I made our usual exchange of morning greetings, as we both said good morning to each other.

My dad took his head out from behind the morning newspaper, and said, “Hey son, I just opened the pool, and wanted to know if you wanted to go for a swim? The slide is working also.”

That day I knew I would find Klarnia.

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